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Thread: Mosquitor, the terror of the Horde

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    Mosquitor, the terror of the Horde

    Here's yet another of my recent spree of customs, a 200X version of my favorite classic figure, Mosquitor.

    The base is a repaint Tri Klops, the head is a Doomseeker with parts cut off and a random weapon I had lying around glued on for the stinger, the boots are just the loincloth cut off and wrapped around the feet, the wings (the one thing the classic figure is missing) are from a cheap Harry Potter Golden Snitch halloween prop I got from someone, the symbol is the center of my most used accessory - the spin blade, and the blood sack is actually an oil packet from one of those Thai Kitchen noodle soup bowls glued on the front of his torso.

    Oh, and yes, I straightened out the legs a bit.

    Now I know they're making a Mosquitor staction, and I'm sure he's going to look a hell of a lot cooler than this, but I bought that repaint Tri Klops specifically for this and my next custom that I'm almost finished with, and also more importantly, Mosquitor is going to be a very important character in my Continuing Adventures, so I needed him to have articulation. Plus, who knows when the staction will actually come out.

    I may end up doing something with his left hand at some point, but I don't know what yet.

    As always, LMK what you think.
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