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Thread: Ram Man vintage figure review thread

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    Ram Man vintage figure review thread

    Been trying to post this since last night, but the forum servers have been going nutso again


    This week it's time to look at that human battering ram, RAM MAN.

    Ram Man was one of the earliest additions to my original collection. I already had He-Man, Skeletor and Man-E-Faces; then one sunny Bank Holiday, I went to a local market with my Mum. We found a stall that was selling MOTU figures at cheaper than shop price, and I guess I must have been really good, because I was allowed to buy not one but two of them! The second wave had only recently appeared in the U.K., and I snapped up both Ram Man and Faker!

    I really liked Ram Man. I liked his colours, and his bulky (if hollow feeling) design. Indeed, his springing feature never really worked - usually, you pushed him down over his legs, flipped the latch on his boot to release him back up, and he would more often than not do a half hearted spring and just topple forward. But to me, that didn't really matter, it was the concept, and that he had lots of character about him, as did all of the first two wave characters.

    Not long after I had got my Ram Man, the handle on his axe snapped off. My Dad repaired it with a small metal rod; one of only two casualties of my original figures as a kid (the other being Stratos' left wing, which had the clip broke the as I went to put it on fresh out of the box).

    On the box illustration, mini-comic, and a great deal of other material, Ram Man was featured in his prototype colours of orange top and red legs. I actually always liked these colours much better. Although I still liked the final colours, I heard someone describe this scheme some years ago as "his Christmas tree colours", and I feel this about sums him up. The change from the prototype to the final released version is probably the most extreme change in colour in the original line.

    The accompanying mini-comic, the creativley titled (!) "He-Man Meets Ram Man!", is an excellent tale, and one of my favourite mini-comics, in which Skeletor persuades Ram Man that He-Man is the enemy, and tries to use Rammy's battering ram skills to try and gain entry to Castle Grayskull. (This basic concept of a good character being misled by Skeletor was reused several times for Filmation plots, and stories in other mediums).

    Ram Man figures, in my experience, are one of the most common on the second hand market. The soft silver paint can sometimes be found to have scuffed and worn away, and the silver foil used on the figure's wrist cuffs can sometimes found to have gone transparent over the years.

    Ram Man was a regular in the first season and some of the second season of the Filmation cartoon, especially in the very early first season episodes, where he often appeared with Stratos. He was presented as quite dwarfish looking, and really stupid - but very well meaning and good hearted.

    I really like the 200x revamp of the figure, in that it is essentially almost identical, just bulked up and given a bit more detail. Again the ramming action feature seldom worked properly, although this new version did pivot nicely at the waist. The only slight minus point, as with many of the 200x revamps, was that the colours were darkened down and muted, loosing their original vibrancy. I would also have liked to seen a variant painted in the original's prototype colour scheme.
    The Mike Young Productions cartoon went from portraying Rammy as dwarfish, to a hulking figure, towering above most of the other Heroic Warriors. Otherwise, his character was pretty much identical to the Filmation version. This version, however, just seemed to sort of lurch forward rather than actually spring.

    To sum up, the vintage figure - I know many will disagree, as the actual action feature wasn't much cop, but in sheer terms of design and character, I like Ram Man enough to give him a reasonable 8.

    Those are my ramblings on Rammy.
    I'd really like to hear your own thoughts, comments, views, criticisms, memories... anything to do with Ram Man. And whether you post or not, don't forget to rate the vintage figure in the poll!
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    6/10 I think is reasonable. The gimmick is good but I donīt like the desing very much

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    Well, I gave him uno point. Yes, one solitary point. Not to be mean spirited but, I honestly detest this figure. He has always been my least favorite of the vintage line. For me, it just comes down to the relative lack of articulation, hollow feel, weak "action feature", and just an overall sub-par looking design when compared to his counterparts. Of course, like just about everyone else on here-I had him as a kid. Guess what...I hated him back then too. He was always the whipping boy for my other more prized masters. All that aside, I will say that he is probably one of the most easily recognizable characters/figures from the line. Even people that don't necessarily collect almost always instantly recognize him as "that one guy from He-Man". So he'll always have that going for him I suppose.

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    He is a horrible figure but I like his character. But the figure sucks big time.

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    I love your childhood stories of aquiring figures Spacedust. Very enjoyable reading.

    I give him a 6, he stood out a bit too much from the other figs, but he was functional and I enjoyed lightly bouncing him up and down. (not enough to make the spring 'lock' but enough to create the illusion of him bouncing about. If that makes sense.)
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    I got him for my birthday so heīs got somehting special for good ole me. The boxart I liked, the figure was OK. Liked the prototype a lot better. 7/10

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    Gave him a 4 - like the character, hate the toy

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    It seems pretty much universal that everyone hated the action feature (which seldom worked properly); and his hollow, non-articulated body did little to help the figure.

    But for me, a lot of it as a kid was about imagination. I mean, the very earliest figures all had the same basic spring-waist feature, and nearly all used the same body parts. But for me that didn't matter, it was about imagining the character; and the same goes for Rammy. In reality the figure wasn't much cop, but it just excelled character, and that alone made me like it. It was pretty much the opposite of many later figures, adorned with more fancy action-features and more unique body parts, but just lacking in any real character or substance (*cough*Snout Spout*cough*).
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    I have to give Ramman a solid 8, simply because I saw Ramman as a realy powerfull warrior. my first memorys of him are of Skelertor, makeing him think He man was a bad guy. and trying to smash down the door of Grayskull. wass'int that in one of the mini comics?

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    Sorry it took me so long to comment on this figure - I haven't frequented these boards in quite awhile.

    As I always said in the past: Ram is one of the best figures around. He was one of the different figures of the line and there was not too many of these in the early waves. It is too bad that the cartoon made him so goofy because I think people who saw the cartoon and then bought the toy have always had a harder time falling in love with this figure.
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    I have to give Ramman a solid 8, simply because I saw Ramman as a realy powerfull warrior. my first memorys of him are of Skelertor, makeing him think He man was a bad guy. and trying to smash down the door of Grayskull. wass'int that in one of the mini comics?
    Yep, at first Skeletor have him trick to fight He-Man:
    As much as I like the big dumb guy with the heart of gold of the cartoon, the minicomics incarnation is very powerful, menacing and cool!

    Always liked him, didn't care he was not in the same frame as the rest (figure wise).

    Like is big, brawly Sword and Sorcery warrior look, with the axe, barbarian hula shirt and big buckled girdle. I always found he completed very nicely the He-Man / Man-at-Arm / Teela early herioc trio as the "big guy".

    As a kid I ended up having two Ram-Man for some reason and always had them as palace guard flanked on the side of Grayskull's door, looked nice!
    I also remember being shocked that a big dude like him, with a skull on his belt and all would be a hero, I found it pretty wicked!
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    Rammy was my 5th or 6th figure. I got him When I got Castle Greyskull. My brother got stratos. I loved the battering ram, but lost his axe the first day. He'd ram greyskull (renacting the he-man meets ram-man story). He was big and he could bash stuff with his head. what wasn't to like? I didn't have old rammy too long though as he and faker got stolen at school. I finally got around to getting the 200x one and recently got the vintage one. who still works. And has his axe. The lack of mobility was irritating, but it was a fun figure any way.
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    Voted 4! I never liked because of too much rigidity

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    Cool figure. Cool gimmick. Cool look. Cool character.
    Maybe the only concern it's the posability.
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    Rammy was always one of my favorites. His arms have poor muscle definition and he has very little poseability, but I loved his action feature. He looks like he was built to guard Castle Grayskull's gate. I loved the look of his armor.

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    In my opinion, Ram Man is the worst vintage MOTU figure.
    When you holding the figure it feels like you are holding a small trash can. So poor sculpt and paint job comparing to others...looks horrible in the collection. Even YUgoslavian bootleg figure doesn't looks worse than the original.
    Ram Man design is cool, but how the action figure was made I would give him -10 points if there is the option...or at least if there is option for 0 points.

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    5- loved the character but hated the first 'staction'- at least, IMO...

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    I gave Rammy a 9 . I agree not the best looking MOTU figure but well his gimmick was to Spring Up and he had to be as light and stiff as possible . Function vs Form argument and still within budget . Did his spring action legs work very well ? Not really but he could knock over a figure i suppose ?

    I loved how Mattel experimented with their toys . Ram Man is unique , not just another punch from the waist action toy that shares body parts with two or three other figures. He wont ever suffer from splayed legs or dry rot.

    I feel Filmation did Ram Man a disservice .
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    I loved him as a kid, don't know, he felt round and soft around the hands, smelled nice and he was on the show.

    But seen objectively. He sucks, he sort of hops upwards, kind of useless in battle.

    At least they didn't reuse any parts from other figures.

    At least he look cool. I love big characters
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