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Thread: NA He-Man official canon of Filmation MOTU?

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    As much as I despise New Adventures [believe me, that's saying a lot] I voted that it does count as part of the official canon. For all the complaints I have about that show [poor writing, two dimensional/boring/annoying characters, an unbalanced cast on the Heroic side that relies far too much on comic relief instead of action, and Master Sebrian whining in every episode], it did tie together a few plot-threads from the Filmation series [Adam revealing himself to be He-Man, Skeletor's evolution into a more technologically-savvy yet clearly insane psychopath, Randor and Marlena appearing in the first episode, along with Teela showing up in one episode], Eternia is mentioned more than once and the comics did explain He-Man's transition from Barbarian to Spacefaring Hero pretty well.

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    I tend to think of it as canon, though I like the recent Dark Horse mini-comic version where it's the greater intergalactic stage instead of the Future, and She-Ra's involved (If it was up to me, I'd still consider NA Teela as She-Ra). I like to think of it as a temporary change, but with lasting consenquences and changes to the line-up that effect Eternia later on. I think some of the Space Mutants and the classic "Evil Warriors" would make a interesting mix.
    I think it has the potential to accomplish many things with canon, such as escalating the battle with the Greater Horde Empire and Horde Prime, reinforcing the backstory of Queen Marlena and Earth, and bring in other space properties like "Bravestarr".

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    I see it as part of the overall story and a continuation. There are some things I would change, but I like many aspects of NA. Personally, I would love to see masters of the universe go into more detail concerning other past eras and explore the future.
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    I had to go with 'yes'- Mattel produced the figs, comics and a cartoon (that is, as advertised, pretty painful to watch indeed) so I'm forced to concur. However, I would point out that the toy line was what I'd generously refer to as a 're-launch' and so, to me, is ONE POSSIBLE future for all concerned; what if Adam hadn't been warned to intercept Skeletor? What if Adam's transformation had KILLED Skeletor outright? If so, can He-Man handle the Mutant problem a little easier, and get the Sorceress to send him back home- I mean, he kinda gets 'Buck Rogered' if you think about it. I speculate that an Oo-Lar might well have taken to such a monumental displacement more readily, but Adam has family, a throne to occupy, a newly rediscovered sister that is all FOREVER DEAD TO HIM!

    Just playing the 'what if' card on a few of the more pivotal moments from the comic, may well have led to very different outcomes.

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    all the stuff written for it when it came out indicates it was canon, sure it strayed a lot form the filmation and even the mattel stuff (Eternia looked NOTHING like Eternia, Skeletor's henchmen were never before seen again etc) but the story for a couple of minutes was still on Eternia etc. it wasn't a reboot, it contiunued a relationship that existed. so yeah it's part of canon, the real question is "does it exist in YOUR canon?"
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    I see it as canon, with caveats. I view NA as Classics is reinvisioning it as canon, 100%. As for the cartoon, I see it as a story being told to children by an elderly Caz, about his friend and hero, He-Man. His memory isn't great, and his take on events center on He-Man as the focus of his hero worship. The cartoon is an old man with a shaky memory recanting his childhood. Classics is what actually happened. That's how I'm reconciling the two in my head, lol.

    This isn't, in any way, a dig on the cartoon. I watched the entire cartoon for the first time last summer. While it took some getting used to at first and didn't feel like He-Man to me, as soon as I decided old man Caz was relating events, I began to really enjoy the show.
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