I've got two (formerly three) complete sets of figures, complete with all of the main variants (reversed colour scheme Stratos, claw / regular Evil Warriors legs Clawful, flat / round back Two Bad, boots and lever variation Mantenna, red neck Rattlor, original / hard head rerelease Faker, various hard-head releases etc.). Only the likes of black Grizzlor and half boots / purple trunks Skeletor, and a couple more hard-heads to acquire before I start going after the more obscure foreign variants.

But anyway... one variant I've seen very occasionally over the years, but have never been 100% certain of its background, is the silver Power Sword. I'm not talking the standard grey colour, I mean actual metallic silver. As far as I can tell (though I may be off), it came with a few Battle Armor He-Mans.
I've heard of / seen it occasionally (though not for a while now), but mostly on ebay, where as we all know the listnings aren't always accurate. I'd like to track one down for my variants collection, but am having a job as I don't know for definate of its status.

As I say, I know my variants, but have never been able to get definative info on this silver sword. Does anyone know of it's background, and if it did come with Battle Armor He-Man (or is it even a custom - though I've seen enough to think that it's not).