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Thread: Moss Man vintage figure review

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    Moss Man vintage figure review

    A much quieter week on last week's thread on the Dragon Walker, which is maybe understandable, as I know I myself can't find quite so much to say about the vehicles as the regular figures.

    Anyway, it's back to the figures this week, and in keeping with the green colour theme, let's take a look at that flocked master of camouflage, who suspiciously resembles Beast Man, it is, of course, MOSS MAN.

    Moss Man was released as part of the fourth wave of figures. Covered in green flocking, he was billed as the 'Heroic Spy & Master of Camouflage', although on most of the back-of-box listings this was abbreviated to simply 'Heroic Master of Camouflage'.
    An eco-friendly man-creature of the wild, Moss Man roamed the woods and forests and countrysides of Eternia looking after the plant-life. His green appearance allowed him to blend in with foliage, which made him a good spy. In some versions, he was said to have become the head gardener at the Royal Palace.

    Moss Man's entire body and head was recycled from Beast Man. On Beast Man the head looked like it was giving a savage growl, but on Moss Man it looked rather like he is in the middle of a rendition of "'O Sole Mio". The figure comes armed with a brown version of the Grayskull mace.

    Just as the third wave had given spring-loaded-arm counterparts with Fisto and Jitsu, the fourth wave gave us scented counterparts, with Moss Man and Stinkor. Whereas Stinkor was famous for smelling bad, Mossy was pine scented but this wasn't made as much of a selling point, and many young owners did not actually realise that Moss Man was scented until they ripped him out of the packaging.
    The mini-comic "The Stench of Evil" served as an introductory showcase for both Moss Man and Stinkor, although beyond that - as with Fisto and Jitsu - Mossy and Stinkor's counterpart status was seldom played upon in other media.

    Terribly unfunny story: as a kid, I used to go to a dentist called Mr. Moss. I had much mirth about him really being Moss Man (strange what seems funny as a kid), and later on he caught on and joked about it.

    I remember a local kid, Steven Wozniak, who was always rather creative with the truth, one day spun me a yarn about how he had been playing with his Moss Man and left him on the lawn, and it was so camouflaged that his Dad mowed over it. Yeah right!!

    I never got around to buying a Moss Man originally, being drawn towards the foul smelling Stinkor instead. But he was one of the very first figures that I got second hand, not long after the toy-line had left the shelves. A neighbour knew that I still liked MOTU, and picked me up a mint Moss Man at a local boot sale.

    Since then I have got numerous examples of Moss Man, in both soft and hard head versions.

    About a year ago now, I was working with a guy named Matt Moss. He was looking through my home-made figure guide, and remembered there was a figure called Moss Man. He asked if I had a spare, and I dug one out as a leaving gift (cheap, but he liked it!), although I was short on proper coloured maces, so gave him a regular Grayskull grey one.

    Moss Man appeared in a few later second season episodes of the Filmation cartoon series, and was a regular in the U.K. Marvel comics.

    There wasn't a 'proper' 200x Moss Man figure, but there was an Exclusive, using the traditional flocking of Beast Man's mold. (This revamp used a bronze version of 200x Mekaneck's periscope-weapon-thingy). It was rumoured that there would be a 'proper' new version of Moss Man to follow, but the line was halted before it ever emerged.

    Moss Man was also introduced in the Mike Young Productions cartoon, in the episode "Orko's Garden". In an actually quite logical move, he was seen as the nemesis of Evilseed, revamped from his original one-off appearance in the Filmation series.
    This cartoon version of Moss Man gave us some idea what a 'proper' new figure of the character may have looked like. I really liked the background that was given to the revamped Mossy, with him being some kind of urban legend of the countryside, though wasn't so keen that he was presented almost as some kind of God, with huge powers including being able to cover masses of land at high speed as he 'grew'. I liked the urban legend thing, but felt the extreme powers should have been reined in a bit.

    All-in-all, which I quite like Moss Man, he was never an all-time favourite with me, just kind of 'being there'. In terms of the vintage figure, I'll give it an average 7 out of 10. The flocking is nice, although they really cheaped out by simply recycling Beast Man's body. But hey, it kinda makes sense, as Moss Man promotes recycling!

    So those are my rambles on Moss Man.
    I'd really like to hear your own thoughts, comments, memories, criticisms, and anything else remotely Moss Man-related. And as always, whether you post your thoughts or not, don't forget to rate the vintage figure in the poll!
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