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Thread: Stinkor vintage figure review thread

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    Stinkor vintage figure review thread

    Well, last week's thread on Moss Man got a good number of posts, which surprised me slightly as I've always felt him to be an average, middling character.

    Anyway, this week it only seems logical to do his evil scented counterpart, that odorous man-skunk, STINKOR.

    Just as Moss Man's mold is a direct recycling of Beast Man's, Stinkor is a direct recycling of Mer Man's body and head mold, with black dye and white skunk markings. He wears an orange version of Mekaneck's armor, and carries a blue version of the Castle Grayskull shield.
    The pull of the figure is that he came with 'terrible' odor. When new, is really did smell. Of course, over the years, the odor on many examples have faded, although I have personally found that old Stinkors retain slightly more of their scent than pine-scented Moss Man.

    The French-produced version is well known by collectors for instead coming with a blue version of He-Man's shield (the only other time this shield mold was used in the line).

    I wanted Stinkor for ages before I finally got him. I saved my pocket money up every week for what seemed like an eternity. Finally I had enough to buy him, and really liked him. I didn't have Mer Man as a kid, so I didn't instantly pick up on the mold being recycled for the figure.

    I seem to recall hearing on the radio at the time that Stinkor was the most requested boys Christmas toy in 1985 here in the United Kingdom.

    Stinkor infamously did not appear in the Filmation cartoon series, with the writers citing that it would be impossible to include stories about a character whose power was smell on the screen.

    This, of course, changed in the Mike Young Productions version in 2002, where Stinkor is given an origin story, in "The Sweet Smell of Victory", where he is shown to be Odiphus, a horrid little creature, who is desperate to impress Skeletor, and is transformed by magical Necrotia into Stinkor. His terrible odor is portrayed by clouds of evil-looking smog. The character went on to reappear in several subsequent episodes, where he is shown to love his new-found powers, and was shunned by the other Evil Warriors for his foul smell.

    There was no accompanying 200x revamp figure of Stinkor, but a staction figurer was later released, reflecting his look in the MYP series. The main additions to the vintage look were chemical canisters on his back, suggesting that as well as producing his own evil odor, he could also make them with his chemicals.

    All-in-all, in terms of a figure, Stinkor looks cool but it is slightly lazy, recycling Beast Man and Mekaneck parts. However, his unique and memorable feature of foul odor raises his score to very respectable 8 from me.

    So there are my Stinkor-related ramblings.
    Please add your own thoughts, comments, criticisms, memories, and anything else Stinkor-related. And as always, whether you post or not, don't forget to rate the vintage figure in the poll!
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