Another good thread last week when we looked at Stinkor.

This week, let's turn our attention to that hairy Horde henchman, the ferocious GRIZZLOR.

Grizzlor is a brute whose 'gimmick' is that he comes covered in long brown fur. It was mentioned on the Moss Man review thread just a couple of weeks ago that the green dude was prone to collecting bits of lint. Well that ain't nothing compared to this sucker! Grizzlor is very common on the second-hand market, and many of them need cleaning up where the long fur has attracted fluff over the years - urgh.
The figure came armed with a green version of the standard Horde crossbow.

I think Grizzlor is based upon a bear - unless I've been very stupid and missing something all these years - although his actual face never looked all that bear-like to me personally.

As a kid, I always imagined Grizzlor as Hordak's right hand man, in the same way that Beast Man was to Skeletor, but in actuality, the Grizz was just more of a general dogsbody, with either Mantenna or - in the Filmation version - Shadow Weaver being more of Hordak's trusted aide.

Grizzlor was the only of the original five Horde members (the others being Hordak, Leech, Mantenna and Modulok) that I didn't originally have as a kid.
When I started re-collecting the line seriously, I had loads of Grizzlors - about eighteen at one point!!

There is a famous and rare Grizzlor variation, where he has black skin instead of his regular brown. Other than purple shorts/half-boots Skeletor, this is the only big variation on the figures that I do not currently have in my collection. They can be found on e-bay occasionally, but I haven't spotted one at the right price just yet.

Of course, the Filmation cartoon series had finished by the time the Horde were brought to screen, and were transposed to 'She-Ra: Princess of Power'. Grizzlor was a regular in the series, where he looked like a slightly better groomed version of the figure, and never had all that much to say, being the quiet type.

I always thought that the movie version Beast Man actually quite resembled Grizzlor, with the long hair.

Grizzlor appeared briefly in the 2002 Mike Young Productions cartoon. There wasn't a figure released, as the line was halted before the Horde were introduced; but later a rather good staction figure was released. I like how they give him more detail and bulked him up, but kept the essence of the original - which is what makes the best 200x revamps. I also like the way he is loaded up with weapons, looking like he can use his brute strength to carry around many arms for himself and his fellow Horde members.

All-in-all... Grizzlor as a character isn't bad, but for some reason I was very take it or leave it on the figure. I'll give it a slightly below average 6 out of 10, as it just never really appealed to me, though I know others will disagree.

So there is my ramble on Grizzlor.
Now it's up to you to add your own thoughts, comments, criticisms, memories, and anything else Grizz-releated. And as always, whether you post or not, don't forget to rate the vintage figure in the poll!