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Thread: Please check out the NEW CHATROOM

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    Quote Originally Posted by cringer75 View Post
    All that was diplayed was the purple background and He-Man with the motu logo on the right side. Nothing else came up.
    Quote Originally Posted by wolfsfang View Post
    ya I can't get in either

    still it means I have more time to not a total loss
    Quote Originally Posted by Count Marzo View Post
    Same problem here. Tried to stop buy during this sale day and it aint loading up all the way for some reason?
    Quote Originally Posted by Replikor View Post
    ya, I cant get in either. All it does is load up the background image but hte boxes to put in your login id an password NEVER appear. It just sits on that background image forever....

    I went ahead and contacted Val on facebook about it and let him know what was going on I hope he spots my msg soon.
    Quote Originally Posted by Scotward View Post
    It's because all you guys are trouble makers and got suspended from using the chat room!
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    The issues with the chatroom are being looked into, and may be receiving a bit of an update in terms of software.
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    Cool. Thanks for the update, Thatman.

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    I thought something weird was going on with the chatroom. I couldn't access it last night either.
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    I hate you. So much.

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    No worries, I contacted Uncle Val.
    The problem is that the chatroom we have right now cant be fixed due to it no longer being supported with updates, so cant be fixed...

    BUT a few replacement type's of chatroom options are being looked into an should be coming soon, and I think they will be MUCH better than what we had.
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    Yep, we'll get this sorted out. And thanks for all your help, Replikor!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    Yep, we'll get this sorted out. And thanks for all your help, Replikor!
    Anytime I can help, more than happy to do what I can Val.

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    if anyone is interested I have opened a temporary chat room at

    just until the new official one is up and running.

    you can pick any name you want whenever you login (tho sticking to your .org one would probably be best)

    the password is


    just click "join chat" at the bottom of the screen when you have logged in
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    We need a 200X themed room, with sound effects from MYP!

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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