View Poll Results: If they released a special one off staction would you want it to be Skeletor?

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  • Yes, I would love a Skeletor staction to go with my He-Man.

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  • No thanks, I'd rather another character they never released.

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Thread: If possible, would you want a Skeletor Staction?

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    If possible, would you want a Skeletor Staction?

    So I've recently gotten all my stactions back out of storage and while there are many characters missing, I keep feeling that the biggest hole in my collection is Skeletor.

    I know it would be great to get unreleased characters such as Spikor, Dragstor and Scare Glow, but the fact that we don't have a Skeletor to go with our He-Man does make the stactions seem lacking. We got him as a figure, statue, mini-bust and micro-bust, but unfortunately never as a staction.

    So, with all that in mind, if for some crazy reason the Four Horsemen were able to release a special one off staction, would you want it to be Skeletor, or would you prefer another character we never had?

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    Any staction is a good staction. :-)
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    If we could only get one more staction then I'd probably choose Skeletor to go along side my Classic Colours He-Man. He'd have to have the cape like the big 15" statue did.
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