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Thread: He-Ro vs King Grayskull

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eamon View Post
    He-Ro was never given much exposure so it's kind of unfair.

    But bottom line, give me a big dude with a sword over a wizard any day!
    yeah but he-ro is a big dude with a sword and is a wizard,right? and im goin with he-ro,hes awsome

    Quote Originally Posted by Adam_Prince of Eternia View Post
    If you “follow the rules just fine,” then how would you characterize your behavior for the last four pages?

    When asked how I was to know information that had not yet been made available, you responded:

    When I replied that I had been following the thread in question, but did not know/could not find in which post the information could be found, you responded:

    When I asked for a clarification of the information posted, you responded:

    Instead of addressing my questions or statements, you addressed me on a personal level:

    When I replied that I would prefer that you address me directly, and not to speak of me in the third person, you responded:

    When asked to reply to a post with the same manner of politeness in which it was posted, you responded:

    Your have behaved rudely at every opportunity; in replying to the posts of others, when asked to be more polite in your responses, when reminded to conduct yourself according to Board Rules and Conduct.
    it takes to to tango,so if you didnt post and repost no matter how polite you try to be,your still involved,so your just as bad,you should've ignored him or not reply at all,so in a way,your throwin gas on the fire, why even argue?
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