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    Justice League Unlimited collectors!

    If you're still lokking for the new series of 3 packs, I found some at my local Big Lots first! I picked up the set with Hawkman. They also had the Joker/Black Canary/Batman and the "big 3" packs. But, I thought I'd pass it on if anyone is looking. Btw, price? $9.

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    Amazingly enough, I actually found the Joker and Hawkman 3-packs at Target a couple weeks before they started showing up at Big Lots.

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    Resurrecting this thread.

    After an 11-year run, the JLU toyline has come to an end, as of this month, with the last of the MattyCollector packs shipping. From the start, this line was plagued with issues - scarcity of certain characters, endless repaints/re-issues, packouts with only 1 new figure out of 3, weak plastic, minimal accessories, etc, etc, etc. But for all that, I have loved this line (and the show) since its fact, since the first episode of B:TAS aired in 1992 (since I view the entire DCAU as spinning out of that.)

    All told, there are close to 200 unique characters that have been released in the line, including ever single 'official' member (of sixty!) of the JL according to the show, not to mention a plethora of other characters. I customized a whole slew, many of which were eventually made by Mattel following the line's relaunch as a collector's line in 2008. I also had to build stands for the figures, since, let's face it, many of them had plastic so weak the legs warped in the package, and certainly don't hold up over time. (And the Mattel stands were horrible.)

    So, JLU is dead, long live JLU. Warts and all, collecting it has been a labor of love. I thought I'd share a few pictures of my collection, with the arrival of the last few figures. Some of these figures are from other lines (BTAS/Titans/YJ, etc), and about ten or eleven are my customs. (Some made with many thanks to Stew's Customs!) I have other shots, but we have a 10-pic max per post. Hope you enjoy!

    My full display:

    Main heroes from the show:

    JLA - Satellite era:

    JLA - JLI era:

    JLA - Morrison era:

    Superman Characters:

    Batman Characters:

    Legion of Doom (Classic):

    Legion of Doom (JLU version):

    The JSA and villains:
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    You're search fu is awesome to find a thread 5 years old with only 2 posts and neither were you, so props to you for that.

    Also, impressive collection Thatman. That's quite afew years of life on that shelf.

    I also share your view on the DCAU springing from B:TAS, the stories found throughout the many series were normally excellent.
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    Congratulations, Thatman! Collecting this line has been such a pain that I had to give it up. Glad to see that others finally finished their collections up.

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    I guess I came in at a good time to start to collect the Legion of Doom in DC Unlimited figure, huh? But you're right about the weak plastic. I just got my first set, Mutiny in the Ranks villain 6-pack and Dr. Polaris' right ankle is warped to hell (no pun inteded). And the set only came with one stand! So Polaris is using it. Thanks for the heads up on the lameness of the DC Unlimited stands before I started to buy them. Guess I'll have to search some other way to utilize stands.
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    Thanks, guys!

    BJH - don't waste your money or effort on those stands. They're clunky and ineffective, not to mention huge. I've tried a number of approaches over the years, including gluing magnetic plastic down, but the current system (gluing a piece of clear acrylic rod into a painted poker chip, and securing the figure with one of those women's clear hairbands) has been close to perfect. Not that anyone should have to go to those lengths, but it is what it is.

    This line did not lend itself to easy collecting, but for me it was worth it eventually. I can definitely see how others got frustrated.
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