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Thread: He-Man and Adam: Same actor or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Tycho View Post
    I'm surprised this is so evenly divided. I can't imagine how they could pass off Adam and He-Man convincingly as the same actor.
    Make up and wardrobe would be my guess. They can turn any actor into pretty much any age/give them any look they want nowadays. There are loads of films where one actor plays several completely unrelated roles. Having one guy play both Adam and He-man shouldn't be difficult at all.

    They could go the whole hog and make them look like two completely different people. It's not so much a question of if it can be done, as much as it is do people want it to be done. And that opinion is split down the middle!
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    I like the idea of two actors. i just hope an effort is made to make Adam likeable. MYP Adam was obviously not pretending to be the jerk/idiot Prince that filmation Adam was.

    However on the other side of the coin, I think you would save a lot of screen time and could do more with other characters by not having the Adam/He-man dynamic like the first film.

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    If they have to make it with actors and not CGI, make it the same actor but use your brains to make it work. Which means actually finding a good actor

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    Yes, though I am not sure how exactly. Film Adam shots with him leaner, then work him out hard for 3 months then file the He-Man scenes buff.

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    i vote no. look, we're dealing with magic here- is it too farfetched to say that maybe the power of grayskull could cloud the minds of he-man's friends and prevent them from making the connection that he and adam are the same person despite looking alike
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