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Thread: Blade vintage figure review thread

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    Blade vintage figure review thread

    A nice lot of posts for the Ninjor thread last week. And now we have our sub-forum, to stop the main one getting cluttered up so much!

    Anyway, this week lets look at a figure from a section of figures we haven't touched yet - the Movie releases. This week: That bald-headed sword-swinging foe, BLADE.

    The Blade figure is a pretty fair representation of the character in the movie. Actually, the final version looks even more like the big-screen version than the prototype, which can be seen on backs of boxes & mini-comics, and in a couple of on-line photos. I'm especially glad they removed the weird grill thing from over his mouth.

    We'd had figures with the right arms spring-loaded before (Fisto, Jitsu, the aforementioned Ninjor), but Blade had both arms spring-loaded.

    Blade is quite a good character. Although, like many, I was disappointed that more familiar Evil Warriors weren't used in the movie, I quite liked him as a villain. I think much of it is due to the fact that he is more humanoid, as opposed to the many creature-based figures late on. I can see Blade easily fitting in to any previous wave, even the early ones.

    Being released so late on, Blade didn't feature in all that much material, asides from the terrible "The Cosmic Key" mini-comic (easily my least favourite of all the mini-comics!).

    Blade is one of the rarer figures on the second hand market, especially with his belt and two swords intact.
    I got a fair-condition one mid-way into my re-collecting the line, with belt and one sword included, as part of a lot. Later on a got a more beaten up one and used it's sword to make my first one complete. Later still I got a complete mint example (I like to have two complete of every figure).

    Blade was far too down the line of the original releases to see the light of day in the 200x revamp or cartoon series. Maybe we can hold out for a staction figure of him, so see how the 200x treatment makes him look. I hope it's one of those cases where they only subtly tweak him, as I don't think he's one of those than needs to be changed so much.

    All-in-all... I never had him as a kid (for some reason, I chose Gwildor of all figures over him!!!! What was I thinking?!) , so I'm not awfully nostalgic about ol' Bladey. But he's an interesting character in the vein of the more traditional MOTU, he just has a really cool feel about him, and he makes a good figure. I'll give him a very decent 9 out of 10.

    So there is my little Blade review.
    Now I'd like to hear your own Blade-related thoughts, comments, memories, criticisms, anything! And don't forget to rate the figure in the poll!
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