View Poll Results: What type of MOTU ReAction figures would you buy?

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  • 1987 movie

    10 52.63%
  • Vintage toyline

    10 52.63%
  • 200X

    1 5.26%
  • New Adventures

    2 10.53%
  • Filmation

    3 15.79%
  • None

    4 21.05%
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Thread: What type of MOTU ReAction figures would you buy?

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    What type of MOTU ReAction figures would you buy?

    If we end up getting a full blown MOTU ReAction figure line, what would you like to see them based off of? You can vote for multiple ones.

    I think I'd most like to see some based off the 1987 movie, since some of those characters (ie: Lubic, Kevin, Julie, Skeletor's Troopers, and Karg) don't really need the buff bodies that most MOTU figures have.

    I'd probably get some based off of the Vintage toyline or Filmation as well. It would be hard to tell the difference between the two in some regards other than the cards since they aren't super articulated.

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    Vintage, MOTU Movie and Filmation.
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    87 movie. I would pock those up. Julie, Kevin, Lubik, and Skeletor's Troopers would be an awesome idea.

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    Honestly, I just want Stratos figures but I'd likely buy more.
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    1987 Movie ReAction figures would interest me the most, followed by vintage MOTU and FILMation.
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