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Thread: Which 200x redesigns you don't like?

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    Which 200x redesigns you don't like?

    I just want to know how many feel the same way regarding certain 200x figures.
    I think the 4H have done an amazing job but like everything in life there is nothing perfect.
    There are several 200x redesigns that I don't like that much.

    Here is my list:

    Tung Lashor: I feel like he is a different character, I don't feel he is the same character from the 80s. I love his 80s version but the 200x doesn't look like the classic at all.

    Sorceress: The 200x is not the Sorceress IMHO.
    I hate the egyptian look.

    King Hiss: Though this is not the fault of the 4H, I don't like the new Hiss.

    Whiplash: Another redesign that doen't feel like the 80s version. Too fat, and looks dumb.

    Clamp Champ: I don't hate the new design in this particular case but I think he doesn't look that cool. I prefer the first Clamp Champ we saw a few years back at the Comic Con that used Fisto parts.

    He-Man: That figure we got is not He-Man.

    So how about you ?, which 200x redesigns you don't like? or would like to change something about it?

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    Sorceress: The 200x is not the Sorceress IMHO.
    I hate the egyptian look.
    i agree

    Teela:I don't like the long hair and she should have her snake headpiece

    He-man: I hate the new power sword

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    I don't really hate any redesign but the following are my least favourites.

    Tung Lashor - although much more snake like, He could have been smaller.

    Clamp Champ - I've gone off CC a bit, I like his techno type armor, but he just looks boring, maybe its just the character.

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    He-Man: by far the worst of the 200x figures for me. I don't like the sword, he is not big enough muscle wise and his hair is awful.

    Tung Lashor: I miss the poison frog look he had and don't like him being so big with a Predator mouth.

    Zodac: Wrong color and the glowing tattoo's are a dumb idea.

    Whiplash: I want a lizard crocodile man not a fat goblin.

    Grizzlor: I want a bigfoot type monster not a lion monkey.

    King Hiss: Just needs work.

    Sorceress: I want a bird women not Cleopatra.

    Prince Adam: The teenage boy concept to lure a younger audience was a bad idea. He should be older and the head needs a much better sculpt.

    Teela: Needs to be older.

    All the rest are pretty good. The only other things would be scale and I do wish that everyone had their classic colors.

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    He-Man, Beast Man and Wiplash- should have had more mass.
    Zodak- I love the alien design and prototype.
    Rattlor- more mass along with better color aps, and the body harness is rather pointless.
    King Hsss- bad color aps and lack of articulation.
    Kobra Kahn- too dark and shiny.
    Clamp Cham- should have stuck with the Fisto body.

    Fisto- whats the deal with his face 90% of the time?
    Moss Man- too many plan elements involved with him.
    Wiplash- don't think he translated too well from toy to toon.
    Snake Men (excluding Snake Face and Sssqueeze)- what the hell?...
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    I like them all except Battle Cat.

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    Ram Man- wasted opportunity. Armor design doesn't work.

    Teela- Too manga inspired. 80s Teela way better.

    King Hiss- just weak.

    Sorceress- really dislike the flying pose. Don't mind the design but the statue should've been standing

    Mantenna- Real disappointment.

    Leech- Too similar to the original. And the original was crap.

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    What would be good for the the statue series what i would like to see is all the statues to scale and the height and weight variance between each character.
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    He-Man-Should have been bigger, like Flex magazine bigger. Hate the anime haircut. Even non-fans see the 200X He-Man as scrawny.
    Teela-Should have been older, more voluptous.
    Sorceress-Why an Egyptian Pyramid in an English Castle? This is like one of the only designs where Filmation is better.

    Beastman-where is the war paint? And he needs to be wider.
    Whiplash and Clawful-More designs where Filmation is better. Whiplash and Clawful had better attitudes and better designs. If the 4H could make updated versions of those designs or give those Filmation personalities to those MYP characters they would be way better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    Beastman-where is the war paint? And he needs to be wider.
    Really? How much wider can he get?

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    There are two characters that I don't like at all: He-Man and Tung Lashor. Although the Ice Armor version of He-Man looks kinda cool.

    And I don't like that much King Hsss face/head, I would have liked it closer to the original one, but the rest of the figure looks great and after a while I don't mind that much the head thing anymore.

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    I can't believe I forgot to mention my absolute least favorite figure of the whole line: Prince Adam. I think it's because I refuse to even display him and he lives in a box in the closet.

    I just have nothing good to say about this figure. I hate everything about it. His face looks constipated, the hairstyle is more akin to Luke Skywalker than Prince Adam. And the size makes him look about five years younger than Teela.

    Yuck, yuck, yuck.

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    I couldn't in good faith say that I dislike any figure, I love the 2002 series too much. But I guess I do have a few minor qualms with some figures.

    Man-At-Arms' head seems a tad too small behind all that bulky armor.

    Skeletor looks too scrawny in his mid-section.

    Teela could use a slight haircut. I don't mind the long hair, I think it goes well with the character upgrade.

    Orko looks a bit too big..

    I wish TrapJaw was a little less top-heavy so that you didn't have to bend him back so far to get him to stand up.

    Fisto's cool, but I don't like that thing on his head. Too distracting. It would be cool if they made him able to go down on one knee and punch the ground. I think that would make for a cool action feature.

    Zodak is also cool (hey...I kinda like the glow-in-the-dark tattoos), but I'm torn between wether I like the idea that his human face is visible (unlike the classic figure), or that the kinda goofy-looking mask was included (like the classic figure). Classic look, or updated look...hmm...

    Kobra Khan looks a bit scrawny, and the hood is huge.

    Two Bad and Roboto are two of my favorite figures. As for the stactions, Jacked-up Grizzlor is cool. All the new weapons make him feel more like a hunter. The fur I don't mind at all, because it stays true to the original figure. Webstor is awesome - I like that you can put weapons in his smaller...spider..hands, whatever you call them. Makes for a great Buzz-Off competitor. And Snout Spout is surprisingly cool! He looks almost evil, and the detailed design is incredible.

    Overall, the action figure/staction line is solid, especially for a collector like me that keeps everything sealed.

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    Skeletor's head was also way too small, I can't believe nobody EVER complained about that one...its ridiculously obvious.

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    The Sorceress: I was dissapointed with the Sorceress. A totally different character now. They've changed her look completely. Baaah!

    Tung Lashor: he was the only one of the original snake-men I ever liked, but now he hasn't got that poison-frog look anymore.

    Rio Blast: What's with the huge gun-barrel of an arm?

    Also dissapointed that several figures don't have theire original colours. Mattels fault, not The 4 horsemen. And Zodac's change of colour, the tattoos and his removable helmet stinks.

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    To me, the only new designs that didn't appeal to me were Battle Cat and Panthor. I also did not like the new Castle Greyskull look, either. Everything else was fabulous.

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    I don't like any of it. The designs are too busy, too many parts/pieces on them. It has the opposite effect making the characters look rather dull and generic. Maybe it's just how the animators rendered them, I think that they goofed on all the designs for 200X.

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    I gotta give Mekaneck thumbs up after getting the figure in hand. I always found the vintage figure plain and the character incredibly dull in Filmation.

    Granted, there isn't a big difference and the two versions are more similar than different, but I just think he looks a little better and was used a bit more effectively in the newer series.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sirsniffy View Post
    I don't like any of it. The designs are too busy, too many parts/pieces on them. It has the opposite effect making the characters look rather dull and generic. Maybe it's just how the animators rendered them, I think that they goofed on all the designs for 200X.
    Quoted for truth...or at least because I agree 100%. That said, I enjoyed some things - I actually really like Zodak whether he is a new character or a redesign of the old one. I liked new characters Evilseed, Calix, Tuvar and Baddrah. The show was fun. The toys were terrible.

    The designs had some good points overall but the figures were, in my opnion, the worst MOTU figures since NA (sorry NA fans!). The detail is fine (if too much for this line) but the lack of articulation, added to the crotch-out exaggerated pose of every single character was just so anti-MOTU to me. Sure, the old 80s guys dont stand either (at least well) but frankly they weren't designed to. And they do not thrust their crotch at you constantly.

    While I liked Zodak's radical change, others were just not MOTU to me - Roboto's giant Robotech feet and shoulders, Fisto's giant(er) hand, Trap Jaw's giant arm, just on and on. It isn't 'updating' something just to make things bigger.

    But the fact that each figure could only be posed one way was the killer. The Stactions were more honest because they never called themselves "action" figures.

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    I love 200x! I liked seeing a new look for the motu characters & I especially liked the difference in size for some of them.
    the real issues of dislike comes from some of the toy designs.

    Worsted Toy Designs:

    1. King Hissss- lazy. the snake part is real bad. plus he is not really articulateable
    2. Prince Adam- dumb hair & face
    3. Teela- face is awful
    4. Battle Cat- dose not look right
    5. She-Ra- lazy
    6. He-Man- face is not right
    7. Ram Man- face looks like a cabbage patch kids
    8. Kobra Khan- needed more paint apps
    9. Orko- to big & needed paint in missed places
    10. Moss Man- lazy variant instead of his own design
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    My biggest issue with 200x was always the He-Man figure. I actually loved almost all of the other figures, but the first time I saw He-Man at my local TRU I was sadly dissapointed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    Beastman-where is the war paint?
    I think the figure deserves credit for having war paint, even if the cartoon did not (I assume because they didn't want to animate that much detail).

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    I cant believe nobody has brought this up yet, but FISTO!!

    Whats up with the 70 girly tiara. He looks like hes 70 years old with that thing. Also not a big fan of the steampunk inspired giant hand.

    TUNG LASHOR: looks great on the cartton , but awful as a toy, also his legs are all funny

    HISS: See everything said before.

    TEELA: should be older

    Whiplash: too fat

    MOSQUITOR: blood tanks? seriuosly they changed the laser for a squirt gun?

    Rio Blast: not a fon of the giant gun hand, otherwise very god

    ..and for the record I actually like Clamp Champ

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    Merman and He-man

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    My Beefs!

    King Hiss is terrible all around.
    The original worked becasue thats the technology they had then. Im sure they could have done something alot better with detachable arms and head. Sorta like a transformer and wel he kinda does transform.

    Prince Adam is more like preteen Adam. Hate it alot. Would have made him a bit older and stronger. And a better weapon then a staff which I never saw him use in any cartoon or comic.

    Heman i like alittle. If he was more bulky like that new 2up at the Con that would be better.

    Alot guys here dont like the Whiplash but I think hes pretty cool.

    Beastman I like but it looks like hes pinching a loaf. I would have made him stand tall and broad.

    Skeletor I would have made him a bit more Bulk-y-er. Hes a strong dude lets see him strong.

    And the all the girls and Buzz-Off better to stand and if I remember Tra-Jaw too.
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