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Thread: RESULTS for Fan Poll 1 of 7: What are your most/least favorite releases of 2013

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    RESULTS for Fan Poll 1 of 7: What are your most/least favorite releases of 2013

    Here are the results for the first poll. 1271 people voted. Thank you to everyone who participated! And please click here to vote in the 2nd poll.

    Most Favorite of 2013
    Honorable Mention with 37 votes: (TIE) Galactic Protector He-Man and Octavia
    5th Place with 63 votes: Castaspella
    4th Place with 97 votes: Horde Troopers
    3rd Place with 159 votes: Ram Man
    2nd Place with 170 votes: Mantenna
    1st Place with 391 votes: Castle Grayskull

    Least Favorite of 2013
    Dishonorable Mention with 101 votes: Stackable Stands
    5th Place with 110 votes: Carded Figure Protectors
    4th Place with 125 votes: Plundor
    3rd Place with 148 votes: Fighting Foe Men
    2nd Place with 173 votes: Standor
    1st Place with 192 votes: Nepthu

    Thanks to the ever amazing Adam Ty-Nor, we have our 2013 year-end polls ready for your input!

    This is poll #1 of 7. Each poll will run a week and is open to the public. You do not need to be registered to He-Man.Org to vote. This first poll ends Sunday, January 26th at 8:00pm PST / 11:00pm (23:00) EST.

    This fan poll asks:
    What is your most favorite and least favorite release for 2013? 2013 was a big year for MOTUC. We'd like to know which item from 2013 was your most favorite and which was your least favorite!

    Please click here to vote. Please share this poll with any He-Man and She-Ra fan you know in case they want to vote and share their feedback. And please feel free to speculate on the results and, if you want, reveal your choices here in this thread. Thanks!

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    Best release? Castle Grayskull!

    Worst release? Fighting Foe Men!

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    I voted for Mantenna as the best release and the Fighting Foe Men as the worst release.

    I just don't like the concept of the Fighting Foe Men. I liked the figures a bit better when I thought of them as their vehicle's drivers - like Sky High and the Sky Sled.
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    Best release: Sea Hawk- Waited so many years and now i finally have him

    Worst release: Nepthu - boring
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    Best: Horde Troopers. So much stuff came with these that I felt like we were really getting our money's worth, though I would have preferred if we had not gotten the battle damage nonsense. The only thing that could have made this set even better for me, would have been straight up Filmation Horde Troopers.

    Worst: Geldor. I've never had any interest in this character at all. In a perfect world, Lodar would have been on the list of characters to vote for and he would have been the fan's choice instead of this turkey.
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    Best: Castle Grayskull

    Worst: Standor
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    Best Ram-man

    Worst Standor
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    I went StrongArm (best) and Karatti (worst). StrongArm is not the BEST figure we got this year, but he meant the most to me as I have wanted him for 30 years and he turned out great!

    Karatti is just ugly and I wish another Space Mutant had been made instead. Though now I wish I would have voted for the Foe Men just because that was a huge $$$ shock subbers had to eat for such obscure, little-wanted kitbashes. Not only are the figures terrible (opinion of course) but the WAY they were sold was terrible.
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    Best- Ram Man

    Worst (only one choice?)- Plundor
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    Best: Mantenna

    Worst: Nepthu

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    Best Release (for me) - Fang Man!!!

    Worst release (according to poll options) - Stackable Stands.

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    I chose Castle Grayskull as the best, but 3 others are at the top also: Ram Man, Mantenna, and Horde Troopers

    As my worst I chose Nepthu, but there are 3 other glaring choices right up there Plundor, Geldor, and Standor.

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    Best: Lord Dactys
    Worst: stackable stands or Nepthu ( If it has to be a figure)
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    I like polls, voted for Mantenna for best, Karatti for worst

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    I certainly liked Nepthu WAY more than those stackable stands!

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    Best: Dactys

    Worst: Nepthu
    MOTUC NA Most Wanted: Darius, Kayo, Vizar, Hoove, Lizorr

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    Not favoring the stackable stands myself. Not big on the clamshells either because I prefer Zoloworld clamshells.

    Favorite, though... that's hard! Ram Man, Mantenna, Grayskull, Horde Troopers just to name some off the top of my head. Some tough competition there for 2013.

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    Best for me was Mantenna, he was far and away my favorite this year. If not for him, though, it would have been hard. There were so many good figures this year!

    Worst for me was Plundor, with Shokoti as a really close second.

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    best castle Grayskull

    worst: Karatti

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    Favorite: Jitsu blew me away with how well he turned out so Ram Man who I thought would be my favorite, fell to second place.

    Worst: Plundor (Followed by Karatti.)
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    Favorite: Castle Grayskull. I don't think this even needs an explanation.

    Least Favorite: Fighting Foe Men. I wasn't even opposed to them being made, but having them in hand a few months now... they just really aren't very interesting. About the only thing I genuinely like from the set is the blue mace, which I feel goes very well with Man-E-Faces (never cared much for his bright orange laser gun).

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    Best: Castle Grayskull (Mantenna if I'm choosing a figure)
    Worst: Nepthu

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    Favourite: Snake Face

    Least Favourite: Stackable Stands - only MOTUC related item I didn't purchase.
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    Favorite: Shokoti

    Least Fav: Nepthu

    Although I concede that Mantenna, Ram Man, and the Horde Troopers were the best sculpted figures of the year easily.
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    Surely everyone's favourite release was Castle Grayskull - it is AMAZING!

    My favourite figures were mantenna, snake face, shokoti, jitsu and I also really liked plundor!

    Disliked Netossa and Clamp Champ just because they were boring figures and karatti was a little plain.

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