After looking at one of the very last figures (Blade) in last week's thread, let's this week travel right back to the very beginning, to look at another of the core characters - TEELA, the Warrior Goddess.

Teela was present from the very start of the toy-line, introduced in the very first mini-comic, 'He-Man and the Power Sword' (where her name was spelt Tee-La).
Much of the early material showed Teela to have blonde hair, in a pony tail, but the actual figure had darker hair, more in the style of that which she would have in the Filmation series.

Of course, there was much confusion early on, as without her Cobra armor she was referred to as Teela, yet with her Cobra armor on she was called The Sorceress (sometimes The Goddess)! This confused the heck out of many a young fan. It was explained in the rare second wave mini-comic "The Tale of Teela!", which described how Skeletor made a clone of The Goddess that became Teela. This bizarre (though interesting) story was never built upon beyond this, and was soon forgotten about in MOTU lore.

There are a number of variations on the Teela figure. Some have dark brown boots and hair, others have lighter red boots and hair; Some have pink lips, some have red, and there are several other paint variations to be found.

I brought my Teela figure the same day as Tri-Klops, with some birthday money that a relation had sent me. I love that figure!!
In my modern collection, I have numerous examples of slightly different paint jobs.

Skeletor seemed to have a bit of an obsession for Teela in the early stories, often kidnapping, and in one colouring book tale, he even tried to marry her! (And who can blame him!)

The UK Ladybird books occasionally showed Teela to have mild telepathic abilities, and her Cobra staff allowed her to communicate with some wild animals.

No matter what the version, Teela always seemed to have a crush on He-Man.

Teela was one of the core, most regular Heroic characters in the Filmation cartoon series. Here she was shown as an able tomboy, Captain of the Royal guards and assigned to protect Prince Adam. She was often annoyed by Adam's seeming laziness, oblivious to the fact that he was really He-Man. And, of course, in this version, Man-At-Arms was her step-father. As introduced in the classic second episode, "Teela's Quest", her biological mother is really The Sorceress, and Teela would one day take over that position. Nearly all other versions of the MOTU lore followed this notion.

The 1987 movie version of Teela showed much of the same character traits as the Filmation version, but her costume was altered to an all-body cat suit-type-thing with some armor over, and consisted of drab colours as opposed to the original's bright ones. Many fans felt that the part was miscast, and didn't really do the character justice.

In the 200x revamp, the new Teela figure was one of the rarest (at least, it was here in the U.K.). It stuck to the basics of the vintage version (although didn't include the cobra armor), but gave her a ponytail (a nod to the original drawing of her?) and made her a bit more youthful. They also gave her a sword, which I liked.
In the Mike Young Productions cartoon ... I'm sorry, but I really disliked what they did with Teela. They made her a bit TOO young, to the point of being bratty. I wasn't keen on her voice casting, either. I would point to Teela - one of the core characters traditionally - as one of the biggest mistakes of the 200x revamp.

All-in-all... I really like the vintage figure. It is a nice sculpt, and was one of my favourite figures. I'll give it a 9 out of 10.

So that's my Teela review.
Now I'd like to hear your own thoughts, comments, criticisms, memories, and anything else Teela-related. And whether you post or not, rate the vintage figure in the poll!