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Thread: See-Shell, Heroic Transparent Spy by BBM

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    See-Shell, Heroic Transparent Spy by BBM

    Well, some of you knew he was coming from my little avatar sneak-peek, and I know a lot of you saw the awesome, classic-style figure COTU made of him, but now you can see the glass shrimp as you've never seen him before:

    See-Shell, in Buffalo-Bill-Man style!!!

    Here he is full-color:

    and in his stealth mode:

    and just for fun, a work-in-progress, pencil sketch just to show the bare bones of the process:

    and for those of you who have never heard of him before; See-Shell is a fan-created character created by myself with the help of Skeletoncrew and Galaxy Warrior of COTU fame. His inspiration was from my old avatar, and screen-name of Glass Shrimp.

    His bio:
    "See-Shell is a member of the Heroic Masters small, but elite, underwater forces. He is a member Crustie Race, the same basic species as Clawful, but of a rare breed that has different and unique powers, and does not share the same cruel temperment. Equally at home on land and sea, the already translucent See-Shell possesses the ability to become completely invisible when it suits his needs. Such as when gathering information on Skeletors' dastardly schemes, or when sneaking up on a couple of Evil Warriors in battle! See-Shell considers it his duty to take the fight to all the evil Crusties, but one in particular has become his nemesis, the deadly Lobscure."

    View more images of the See-Shell action figure here:See-Shell by COTU!!!
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    The former Glass Shrimp also known as See-Shell

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