No vintage figure review last week as I couldn't get on-line; my internet time is limited at the moment. But lets get one started this week as we look at that underwater warlord, MER MAN.

Alongside Beast Man, Mer Man was the earliest addition to Skeletor's band of Evil Warriors.

Mer Man looks pretty good. His armor and sword are an original sculpt (the only time both were used for the original line, neither being recycled). His face always looked a bit cat like to me, I always wished it looked more like the Filmation version's face. The box art version looked different still. (I also wished the actual figure had the yellow gloves and leg cuffs of the box art version). The head itself was later recycled for Stinkor.

Mer Man was illustrated to be different colours in different sources. The mini-comics and such portrayed him as green, whereas the Filmation rendition had him as blue. The figure itself was sort of mid-way between.

There are two versions of Mer Man. One has the belt and trunks all in orange, whereas others have the belt section painted light green. The green belt version is later, although some sources suggest the other way around.

As I've mentioned in a previous thread, I remember when I was about 5 years old asking my mother why Mer Man wasn't called 'Sea Man'. Oh such innocence!!

Mer Man appeared occasionally in the Filmation cartoon series, being featured in a number of early episodes, and getting his own episode occasionally afterwards. Although later he descended into the generic "bumbling villain", some of his appearances showed him to be quite cold-hearted and a formidable opponent (see "Teela's Quest", "Search for the VHO", "City Beneath the Sea"). Oh, just noticed there doesn't seem to be a review thread for 'VHO, have to fill that in sometime.
Anyway, it was great that Mer Man got these showcase episodes,

Mer Man received a reasonable 200x revamp. The Four Horseman said that they tried to give him a face sculpt nearer to the original box art appearance. It was okay, but I still longed for one more in the vein of the Filmation version. As well as an updated-but-basically-the-same sword, they also gave him a trident. I really liked this, as I had been drawing Mer Man with a trident for years beforehand. It really suits the character, as he is basically the lord of under the ocean, where Skeletor's clutches don't reach, and the trident makes him seem more powerful.
They made his armor and weapons dirty gold coloured, which was okay, but (like many 200x revamps) I missed the bold, bright colours of the originals.

All-in-all, Mer Man is one of the key characters of MOTU, and as a villain I really like him. I'll give him a worthy 9 out of 10.

So those are my thoughts on ol' fish features.
Now I'd like to hear your comments, thoughts, memories, and all things Mer Man. And as always, don't forget to rate the vintage figure in the poll!