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    Quote Originally Posted by IdiotFool View Post
    He's bigger than I'd like and I think he should be more of a shade of yellow but it is still excellent. Good job.
    Yellow? Have you seen the cartoons at all? Is the Green goblin a shade of yellow.

    Is the HULK a shade of yellow?

    By yellow do you mean his willingness to stay and fight or by color? lol I'm just kidding

    Actually this post is to inform those people interested in a copy that he would cost WAY too much to reproduce in such a low number that I Doubt any of the people interested would be willing to fork out that much money I'm talking roughly from the sounds of it close to 75.00 a piece before shipping I wouldn't pay that much for him so Unless Alot more people speak up.

    Talking to a source the mold is expensive to be done right I'll look into other options but for right now he's a solo piece.

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    Yes, "yellow". Admittedly, though, I was looking at your broken down model when I made my comment. The image that you edited into the first post looks more "on". To answer your question, yes, I have seen the cartoon.

    No, the Green Goblin is not yellow. No, the Hulk is not yellow. But neither are a thousand other characters. What do they have to do with Evil-Seed?
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