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Thread: The Castle Grayskull BLOG

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    The Castle Grayskull BLOG

    Hey folks! Not sure if any of you had visited "The Castle Grayskull Blog" I had created but it was something I updated with facts and trivia relating to Castle Grayskull from the toylines, comics & cartoons.

    Unfortunately my account was actually deleted by my girlfriend in the process of trying to set hers up and I lost EVERYTHING.

    I'm in the process of gathering material and launching a new but need your help!

    If you have ANYTHING Castle Grayskull related for information or pictures that you'd like to share please PM me! I hope to have the new site up within the week.

    Thanks so much for you help!

    EDIT: The site's up! Click below to check it out!
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    It's 9 years on and the blog is officially closed.
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