I guess if you collect predominately MOTU them you are just used to this (and I’m not putting down those who only collect MOTU). I collect just about everything from the 80’s. When I compare my old MOTU figures with Transformers, GI*JOE, Star Wars, etc., MOTU have deteriorated the most as time went on.
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Regardless of the rubber bands, the plastic of the figure itself will deteriorate as well. My Rokkon is sticky (and becomes sticky all over after cleaning)
There’s one other toy line that has this problem: Marvel Secret Wars, which was another line put out by Mattel. I have never run into this problem with other figures that use hard and soft plastic (such as vintage Star Wars, Thundercats, M.A.S.K., etc.). Some figures are notorious for having the paint rub off such as Thundercats and Silverhawks. Other than discoloration and paint chipping, I really don’t have that many issues with my other toys. I used to have a collection of Mego Super Heroes until I traded them just a few years ago. They’re about a decade older than MOTU and they were still in good shape.
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I would never go as far as not purchasing them though because there is a risk. Such as when you say that you only purchase figures without rubber leg bands.
Since I collect so many lines, I have to prioritize how I spend my money. I just can’t justify spending money on figures that I know will deteriorate when I can buy figures that will last much longer. I can justify buying GI*JOE’s, for instance, because the bands can be easily replaced with new bands that you can still buy at hardware stores. I used to have about 30-35 vintage MOTU figures and one by one the legs started getting loose and in some cases falling off. I traded most of them and only kept a few. I kept the original complete figures of He-Man, Skeletor, and Prince Adam because they are the ones I loved the most as a kid.

I didn’t start this thread as an “I hate MOTU figures” thread. That isn’t what I meant. I love MOTU and have very fond memories of MOTU from my childhood. In fact, the original He-Man and Skeletor were my very first action figures that I ever had as a kid. The message I'm trying to convey is that it stinks that MOTU toys that we loved so much as children aren't withstanding the test of time while other toys such as Transformers and Star Wars that are still lasting strong.