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    2-Bad & Funkypunkyboy Present: Zealousss


    Name: Zealousss
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 355 LBS.
    Hair Color: None
    Eye Color: Red
    Race: Snakeman
    Alignment: Evil Warriors

    History: Zella was a promising Cosmic Disciple, in a time when the Cosmic Enforcers were strong and numerous, this eager pupil, devoted her life to the side of light, and was sworn to uphold peace. Passionate and driven, she excelled in her studies. Nothing was more important to her than the protection of innocent life, and the preservation of balance in the universe.

    During her years with the enforcers, her power, dedication and feminine persuasions spurned the advances of a young hot headed enforcer, Zodak's younger brother, Zeelar, who often rattled the cages in the ranks of the cosmic enforcers with his brash, impulsive nature. The two fell in love, keeping their relationship a secret from those around them.

    At first it was something they were both content in doing, however as Zella fell deeper in love, she began to worry for the safety of her partner. With the threat of King Hiss and his growing horde of vile Snakemen, Zella began to doubt the Cosmic Enforcers. Zeelar's rash determination had placed him in danger one too many times. Zella began to fear his loss, A loss she would never accept. She wished to leave the Cosmic Enforcers, but Zeelar would not. He would not give up his promise, at least, not until King Hiss was no more.

    On the eve of what would be their last night together, Zella confessed her love for Zeelar to Zodak, making the warrior promise that he would protect her love, his brother, and that when they returned from battle, they would announce their courtship. Zeelar never returned, and Zella's passion dissolved into cold, jealous resentment. She hated the Cosmic Enforcers for not better preparing their assault on King Hiss' fortress, for not taking a more active stance and preventing King Hiss' rise to power.

    King Hiss was not the only one she held responsible. Zodak had broken his promise, and in turn, had broken her heart, and she despised him as much as the snake king for taking her love from her. Even more troubling for her, Zodak never divulged the details of how his brother met his demise, and the possession of such information drove Zella mad. Even after Zodak's success in sealing King Hiss away, she was not satisfied.

    After wounding Zodak in a heated confrontation, she stole his Cosmic Staff, the key, and set out to enter The Void and slay the murderer of her love. Zodak arrived only moments too late. With the enforcers depleted and his condition deteriorating, Zodak was faced with a painful decision. He could not risk the release of King Hiss, reluctantly, he once again sealed the void, leaving Zella to fend for herself in the snake infested limbo. Zella was relentless in her pursuit, killing a scouting party in the mystic wastes of the void, and donned the skins of her enemy, concealing her identity as she passed through the ranks, right to King Hiss himself.

    The lord of the snakemen himself lost a head that night, unfortunately for Zella, she did not sever all four. Soon the young warrior was over-powered and seized, she left to whatever gruesome death the serpent king could devise. Admiring her almost inhuman drive to destroy his mighty self, King Hiss went one step further, and instead of killing young Zealla, he infused her with his fowl serpent magic, transforming her into a powerful snakewoman, granting her even more sinister powers. However, even the magic of King Hiss was not enough to enslave her mind, and instead of creating what could have been his most powerful female confidant, he brought to reality a relentless nemesis.

    Zealousss escaped, vowing vengeance on the vile king, and for the next 10'000 Eternian years, was a fugitive in the timeless mystical wasteland. Centuries later when the devoted follower of Hiss, Kobra Kahn opened the Void to release his master, Zella returned to Eternia. Her snake heritage masked her as she hid in the bowels of Snake Mountain, while King Hiss wrestled control away from its current occupants. Having abandoned her old identity, she now called herself Zealousss, and when the snake lord was once again driven from his home, Zealousss resurfaced, sworn enemy of the Cosmic Order, and the snakemen alike.

    Even with all her frightening power, she was alone, and with no one to call friend or ally, her best option to see her burning revenge through, was to take up residence in Snake Mountain. She reluctantly allied herself with its new master, the enigmatic Skeletor. While the Overlord of Evil had already felt the betraying bite of a once a serpent ally, and would excerise caution in future dealings with Snakemen, or Snakewomen, one look at Zealousss, and he knew that she would be one of his greatest assets.

    - Enhanced strength, speed, agility and stamina of a snake
    - Skilled in melee weapons, specifcally her energy chakras
    - Access to the Power Cosmic, granting her limited healing and protective powers
    - Serpentine Coils, powerful musculature allows her to constrict an enemy, swim/climb exceptionally well to avoid danger
    - Venom Blaster, a short range bio-organic wrist mounted venom spitting serpentine extension, its powerful paralytic venom renders its victims helpess.

    Art & Design: 2-Bad
    Concept: Sky Breaker
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