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Thread: Rayven: Evil Emissary of Skeletor

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    Rayven: Evil Emissary of Skeletor

    Name: Rayven
    Age: 2 years
    Height: 5'9''
    Weight: 155LBS
    Species: Eternian Gargoyle (scientifically/mystically altered)
    Current Residence: Talon Peak

    History: Originally nothing more than a simple-minded Eternian gargoyle, one of lowly Beastman's pets and play things, the being who would be later known as Rayven, was created from the parts of many. His borrowed DNA included contributions from Skeletor's most loyal, and powerful minions, Panthor, Beastman, Tri-Klops and Evil-Lyn. The combination of feral power and human intellect was infused into the body of the winged beast, and produced some pleasing results to be the ultimate weapon against The Defenders. Rayven soon realized that working as a lackey for Skeletor was an insult to his true potential, and his blossoming intelligence. He rebelled against his creator and sought to carve out a meaningful career of his own, by securing the power of Grayskull for himself.

    Finding a suitable home in the cold granite caverns atop the mysterious Talon Peak, and confiscating the remains of the robot known as Faker to serve as his personal body guard, Rayven launched an assault on the Defenders worthy of mention in the great history books of Eternia. He was nearly successful in obtaining the power of the Elders for his own, but was defeated by He-Man and his mighty companions. His movements were tracked by King Hiss, in which the reptile lord cohearsed the young villain into aiding him. When it looked as though the evil doers would be successful, a planned double cross nearly cost young Rayven his life. Nearly devoured alive by the vile king, like so many of those unfortunate enough to cross the snake king, Rayven narrowly escaped.

    Rayven was eventually inlisted to aid the Defenders during the return of The Horde to Eternia. He faithfully fought along side the Defenders against the dark sorcerer, disappearing immediately following the great battle, torn between his lust for power, and his desire for solace and companionship. As fate would have it, in a strange twist of events, he actually saved the life of Man-E-Faces, of which whom he later developed an intense connection with.

    Much like Man-E-Faces, Rayven was a jigsaw puzzle, pieced together, yet not whole. Their relationship quickly blossomed. The heroic warrior had hoped to foster the goodness within him, hoping Rayven would use his gifts to protect the weak and find comfort in joining the Defender's roster, where he would be accepted, appreciated, and most of all loved. For a while the two were inseparable, and while some of the Defenders were more than happy for the unlikely pair, some of them were not. It was this tension that eventually drove Rayven away from Eternos, and returning to his despicable ways with a new plan for conquest.

    After successfully stealing vast amounts of technology and resources from all over Eternia, and kidnapping Man-At-Arms himself right out from under the nose of the Royal Guard, the twisted creature had hoped to conquer Grayskull with an army of robotic He-Man clones, size the Power of the Elders, and crush all those who opposed him. Unfortunately for him, his campaign was not a success, and he found himself back into Skeletor's midst. If he remains loyal to his creator or not remains to be seen, but in the mean time, the overlord of evil doesn't seem to mind having him around. Skeletor always did keep rather strange company. Though Rayven was granted 1 Faker robot as a companion and guardian, under Skeletor's rule, he is only allowed 1, as to make sure he never decides to overthrow his master. The fact that Skeletor would even grant such a generous request may show some compassion for his own twisted creation, or perhaps the Overlord of Evil simply plans to reprogram Rayven's one and only friend. Though the ties that bind these two villains can be called into question, one thing both master and creation have in common is their burning hatred of the Snakemen, to which whom they both owe much vengeance.

    A frightening sight to behold, as well as being a fierce combatant with an array of powers, Rayven is not without his weaknesses. Should he expend his energy reserves too prematurely, he can be left rather defenseless. Luckily he is not without enough intelligence to know the importance of a hasty winged retreat. Most recently, Rayven has undergone a startling transformation, the result of a battle with the most powerful man in the universe. During the conflict, in which some rather unusual conditions conspired, Rayven's biology was sent into a flutter, reactivating the unstable conditions which created him, and resulted in a terrifying change. Disfigured, and driven completely mad with rage, his loyalty to Skeletor was sealed, and his disdain for He-Man and the Defenders irreversibly ingrained into mind. Now all of the psionic power of this winged fury is at the command of the Overlord of Evil.


    - Possesses enhanced strength, speed, agility
    - Razor sharp talons on hands and feet
    - Wings for gliding
    - Bio-Electric Blasts, limited electrical production for powerful short range bursts
    - Telekinetic range that has yet to be fully understood. Can erect powerful defensive shields or the subtle manipulation of objects.

    Original Art By: gbagok
    Updated Concept Art By: 2-Bad
    Concept: Sky Breaker

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