I didn't get around to starting the weekly thread last night; I was busy (okay, so basically I forgot!)

Well, last week, we did that heroic giant fisted warrior Fisto, so this week it seems only logical to do his evil sort-of counterpart, that karate chopping foe, JITSU.

Like Fisto, Jitsu came out in the third wave of figures. His action feature was the same of Fisto's, of a spring-loaded right arm.

Many fans saw Fisto and Jitsu as counterparts to each other, although this was seldom played upon much beyond a brief battle in the showcase mini-comic for both figures, "The Clash of Arms".

Fisto was also available in a pack with Stridor, and Jitsu was also available with his own horse, Night Stalker, making the pair seem even more of counterparts. BTW, Jitsu's gold colours worked really well with Night Stalker IMO!

(For the record, Jitsu's armor was repainted and recycled late on for that of King Randor's. Many fans believe that Ninjor's head is a recycle of Jitsu's (even I have slipped up on occasion (ahem)), but it is in fact a similar but different sculpt, although quite likely originally based on Jitsu's).

I got my original Jitsu one half-term morning when I was dragged in to the local high street on a shopping trip. I had saved enough pocket money for a new figure, and chose Jitsu; I don't think he had been out many weeks.
Although he was little used in any medium, I liked the character, and he often featured heavily in my battle enactments.

Jitsu is well known amongst fans for being one of the very least used characters from the entire franchise.

He made only one single appearance in the Filmation series, in the early episode "The Dragon Invasion". Here he was based upon his prototype (although unnamed on-screen, the script called him 'Chopper'), and only had one line of dialogue (I always thought he sounded French!!), and his hand seemed to be made of flesh instead of gold.
He was never used again for fear of being seen as a racial stereotype, something that seems to have affected him throughout the franchise, which is a shame, because I think he is an interesting character with potential.

On the second-hand market, Jitsu is an average find. As with Fisto and Ninjor, his spring-loaded right arm has sometimes gone limp over the years, and the gold on his hand has often tarnished and faded.

There was no Jitsu in the 200x revamp line of Mike Young Productions cartoon series. He was the only third wave figure not to be updated; presumably the same racial concerns still existed.
However, there has since been a staction figure. It was so-so in my opinion - as with many of the updates, it was nice and detailed but slightly lost the gracefulness of the original designs; and his hand seemed way too over-exaggerated, again loosing it's graceful design.

All-in-all, with regards to the vintage figure, although he was one of the least used characters, I really like him. I'll give it a very reasonable 9 out of 10.

That's my weekly vintage figure review. Now it's your turn - I'd like to hear and thoughts, comments, memories, criticisms, etc. to do with Jitsu.
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