Our one week hiatus is soon to hit two months, so i think it is probably high time we tried to get this thread restarted. I've needed some time away from writing the bios so that my creative energies could get restored, but I think that the time is nearly here for me to start producing some new material. However, starting on either Friday or Monday, I'll start posting the work we did prior to our hiatus. We've got somewhere around 10 bios and a couple short stories gathering dust, so it's time for them to see the light of day.

The first thing that'll go up is a little story about the history of the Havoc staff and how Skeletor came to have it.

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Geeez, first, I have computer problems, then, a ice storm knocks out my power in til Christmas day, and I thought at least 3 more pages of the NV would be up by the time I got back. Never thought there would be none.

KevonaTF-thank you, glade someone liked it.
Glad that you finally made it back. I admit that I had been wondering where you'd been during that time.

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Nice take on roboto! I wondered how you were gonna pull that one off.
I am glad you liked the bio, however all the accolades for him should go directly to morpheus. Neither wolf nor i had any intention of ever using roboto and it was morph who came up with such a cool idea of how to bring him into the NV.