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Thread: Princess of Power TOY REVIEW Thread #4: Frosta!

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    Princess of Power TOY REVIEW Thread #4: Frosta!

    Ok, I KNOW this one is going to be gang-busters popular! I love this figure - but I didn't really like her on the show that much -- her voice was NOT what I had imagined it to be... however, I remember seeing her on the cartoon for the first time in the beginning of Season One, and thinking that they had done a great job - she looked just like the figure.

    I first got Frosta without her cape or staff in the lot of She-Ra dolls my friend gave me (she was a girl down the street who didn't want them anymore, and as I have said, I wasn't really allowed to have many She-Ra figures).

    I loved the colors, and I loved the fact that her wrist-guards looked like ice.

    I finally got a complete one around the same time I got a complete Casta... from a woman who had an ad in Toy Collector Magazine. I was psyched. I loved her cape - especially because it kind of opens up, OR you can leave it folded behind her, AND it has that COOL collar.

    The only thing I didn't like was that the staff handle was too skinny. I always thought it should have been thicker, so she could hold it like Glimmer holds HER staff.

    VERY good figure, great character.

    9 out of 10
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    She was the third hardest to find behind glimmer then kowl.

    Big dissappointment that she wasnt catras friend since you didnt see her in sots.

    10/10 - the lighter blue hair one

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    i loved frosta... her wand was great, but the staff was a bit skinny... though glimmer's staff wasn't skinny enough, it was too difficult to put in her hand... (i had to word that carefully! lol!)

    anyway, i loved the ice-blue... blue has always been one of my favorite colors, and i loved her cape... that iridescent fabricy stuff was and still is so beautiful to look at. as always, i wished that each figure would come with a weapon and a shield... the first wave was lacking in the shield area. (and angella didn't even have any sort of weapon, either.)

    as an adult, i think frosta should have been a villain. she'd have made a formidable foe for the rebellion.

    i'd give frosta a 9/10; she'd get a 10/10 if she had a swivel head and a shield. (my frosta holds an extra peekablue shield...)
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    I never had a Frosta but my friend had one, I have always loved the material that her cape and skirt are made of. I also liked how she has ice around her jewel she is definately one icy empress. She is a really beautiful doll and my Mums favourite She-Ra, I give her 8/10. I also think she is one of the best Series 1 dolls, but not my favourite.
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    Frosta is an example of a series 1 gal that I think they did right. After seeing the rotoplast Frosta's hair, however, I wish that they ALL came with that color hair! (I know some will disagree).

    Frosta was one of my first dolls, too. I used to take her everywhere with me until I got She-Ra, so I was quite attached. Normally, blue is not a favorite color with me, but Frosta has some striking accents on her costume and her boots are awesome. So I'm smitten.

    Like others I wish that staff fit her hand better; my Frosta's staff likes to swivel around over time while she stands in the curio, until it eventually faces the side.

    I agree with LadyA about the swivel head...I think she's be evenmore beautiful with a swivel head too.

    She gets an 8/10 from me.
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    I love Frosta

    She was one of the figures my much older cousin had that I coveted. She said she was saving them for her children.. She now has two boys.. :P so yeah.. doubt they're gonna be playing with 'em anytime soon.

    THe thing I loved most about Frosta, was how true to the figure the cartoon looked.. And how gorgeous in general the figure was.. I loved the blue hair.. and the design of her body mold .. the outfit was beautiful and so fitting to the character.. I still don't have a staff for mine.. I have everything else and boy is she gorgeous..

    One of the things that kind of takes down a point for me though.. is how plain she is really compared to the one on the back of the comic.. which i assume is the same as the backcard.. but not having one MOC i can only imagine.. Periwinkle hair, very colourful cape..

    ON the whole I give her a 9/10 I think her cape could have a bit more to it somewhere. They might've done more with her makeup too.. She just looks kinda like she'ra with a dye job as far as the head goes..


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    I wish there were first series variants with swivel heads

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    10/10!!!, I loved her sooo much that I didn't want to play with her! She is still in great condition in my collection.

    I loved her blue hair and pretty face. Her cape was just beautiful. I have to say, she is my favorite doll.
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