Ok, I KNOW this one is going to be gang-busters popular! I love this figure - but I didn't really like her on the show that much -- her voice was NOT what I had imagined it to be... however, I remember seeing her on the cartoon for the first time in the beginning of Season One, and thinking that they had done a great job - she looked just like the figure.

I first got Frosta without her cape or staff in the lot of She-Ra dolls my friend gave me (she was a girl down the street who didn't want them anymore, and as I have said, I wasn't really allowed to have many She-Ra figures).

I loved the colors, and I loved the fact that her wrist-guards looked like ice.

I finally got a complete one around the same time I got a complete Casta... from a woman who had an ad in Toy Collector Magazine. I was psyched. I loved her cape - especially because it kind of opens up, OR you can leave it folded behind her, AND it has that COOL collar.

The only thing I didn't like was that the staff handle was too skinny. I always thought it should have been thicker, so she could hold it like Glimmer holds HER staff.

VERY good figure, great character.

9 out of 10