Didn't get around to starting a thread last week, but back into action as we look at another He-Man variant - THUNDER PUNCH HE-MAN.

The feature of this He-Man version was that a ring of caps could be inserted into his back. Then, when twisted at the waist, he would swing back, giving off a 'powerful punch' as one of the caps was set off.
The feature is fun to play with, making you feel that you have really pounded the heck out of the unfortunate opponent that you're playing the figure against.

The figures tended to lean to one side with their spring features. It had new arm molds and chest armor, as well as a hard head.
It is unique in that the Power Sword comes in a mustard yellow (I have seen dye variants ranging from yellow to almost gold).
And the shield also made a nice housing for the spare ring of caps.

Thunder Punch He-Mans are a so-so find on the second hand market. The back compartments sometimes need cleaning up a little bit from where the caps have been set off and left residue.

Of course, as with the other vintage variants, there was never any sign of this He-Man version in the Filmation cartoon series.

And - as yet - no sign of a 200x revamp version. But bearing in mind 200x 'Battle Armor He-Man', such a return of the Thunder Punch might be in name only.

All-in-all, a fair variation, although not my favourite. I'll give it a reasonable lower end 8 out of 10.

So there is my Thunder Punching review. Now I'd like to hear your own thoughts, memories, etc. (And hey, let's get these threads buzzing like they used to be, I miss reading other member's thoughts on the figures).
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