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Thread: Princess of Power Toy Review #7: DOUBLE TROUBLE

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    Princess of Power Toy Review #7: DOUBLE TROUBLE

    Ah! This is one of the more odd figures, because it was made for the toy line, and did not appear on the cartoon. The closest thing to Double Trouble on the cartoon was Adora's friend Loni... who was a Horde trooper of some sort and had a helmet and then changed sides... she COULD have been Double Trouble - she could have been a spy for the Rebels... but she just left the Horde (I think).

    This was, and still is, one of my favorite figures. I liked the colors, and I liked the two faces a LOT -- she REALLY looks evil with the bad face. Her costume was cool too.

    This was the one random figure that my mom DID buy for me in the store. I found her in Walgreens, and I guess I caught my anti-she-ra mom at a weak moment, because she bought her for me. I think it might have helped that she didn't have the long hair like the others, so she looked less like a "doll" and more like a "figure" (aside from the long blonde pony tail, and the gold and green girly cape LOL).

    Anyway, COOL figure, and the mini-comic that she came with was one of the best.

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    I need to get me a new Double trouble. I think mine has a thinning hair problem.

    I never knew she wasn't in the cartoon. At least she was in the Golden Book video version of She-Ra. Sadly she was quick to come and quick to go.

    I got almost all the toys I want....almost.

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    Too bad Double Trouble never appeared in the cartoon.
    If I remember correctly, she was originally planned to appear in though, and was featured in Filmation series' bible. There is was specified that she was Glimmer's cousin... that had some potential, story wise.

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    Sorry Brian Double Trouble was in childhood and is my least favourite She-Ra doll but a the same time I have always had a fascination with her and her two faces.

    It started when my Mum took me to the toy store and we had agreed that I could get Bow and Kowl, I was really excited because they were two of my favourite characters and central to the show. When we got to the store it turned out that almost all the She-Ra dolls had sold out and only DT was left. I was devasted and asked Mum when more would come, the answer sent a chill through me... maybe never! Poor Double Trouble was not replacement for Bow and Kowl so we had a bad relationship right from the start. Then there was the Helmet Problem, as a child I though that maybe I could take off her helmet and she would have really long blonde hair underneath. I imagined she would have hair like Entrapas and since she had such a pretty face (nice face) she could actually be one of the prettiest She-Ra. I think I was a bit upset when I figured out she didn;t have hair just a bald double face, so I called her two face. I also liked to put her head between the two faces so just skin was showing and call her No Face, she looked was pretty scary to a five year old. I guess after all these memeories I don't hate DT that much I actually kind of love her, after all she was one of my five childhood dolls. Although she still annoys me a bit because I can't decide which face to show!

    I will give her a 6 / 10

    TRIPTIZ that is interesting about her being Glimmers cousin!
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    Definitely the odd girl out in the POP line... One of the first dolls I got was Double Trouble and I always looked for her in the cartoon. I had such faith back then, I assumed she was in some episode that I kept missing. I never liked how thin her pony tail was. It would get staticky sometimes and you couldn't style it at all! I was a little afraid of her evil face as a child, so I kept her good face on most of the time. I actually forgot she came with a cape til I saw the picture posted... I guess that means I lost it pretty early on. Anyway, I always liked her color (especially the green jewel) and her boots. Overall I think I give her a 7/10.

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    I never had double trouble, i didn't realize her face could change. Fun!

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    7/10 i made her catras friend. Her score fell to a seven after waiting for dt to be officially baptized on the filmation screen. Besides I hd a man-e-faces before I had her. its not like she got stronger when her make-up turned purple (I confessed i pretended that it would be that way in my toy line up as a kid lol)

    She is still a unique doll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spinnerella_of_OZ View Post
    Although she still annoys me a bit because I can't decide which face to show!
    Oh I could. Never really thought the 'nice' face was all that great, so I kept her evil or did that half-way thing you did.

    Anyhow, I love Double Trouble. She's one of the figures I had as a kid. I remember getting her from the bin at Farmer Jack (grocery store).

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    My sister had her. WE liked her a lot.. and searched religiously until we got stuck with reruns for her in the cartoon.. I love her boots and the style of her outfit. ON the whole I personally give her an 8/10 I know Lauren (sis) didn't like her all that much so I got to play with her


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    I never really played with my double trouble very much.

    Mine also had a thinning hair problem!!

    I liked her two faces and would pretend that she was man-e-faces girlfriend!!

    I give her a 7/10
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    DT annoyed me because anytime I went to the store, you'd see tons of her and few of the others...I still had her and played with her, but when I re-collected these past few years she was last on my list of She-Ras to grab.

    I never realized that she wasn't in the cartoon because she was in some of my books!

    Green is my favorite color but even so, I can't really warm up to her. I keep her on her evil face since the bad girls are so outnumbered, but secretly she works for the good guys. I think the concept was great but in the end, she gets a 5/10 from me.
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    i didn't want her as a kid because she wasn't in the cartoon, but my sister had her. her hair thinned out for us too. i guess they couldn't glue it in very well. anyway, i thought her feature was really neat, and now she stands as a villain in my own collection... simply because they needed more villains in the line.

    i liked her green color, but her helmet kind of bothered me. ...but cool feature, i'd give her a 7 as an adult, but as a kid, i'd have given her a 5. (no cartoon presence)
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    Is Double Trouble related to Man-E-Faces?

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