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Thread: Fan art back from the day

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    Fan art back from the day

    Since this board is filled with high quality work, I for my part want to share something that doesn't need constructive criticism or such.

    Here's a piece from somewhere around '87. I believe the characters are as follows:

    Top row (from left to right): Trap-Jaw, Stinkor, Kobra Khan and Beast Man.
    Middle row: Two Bad, Whiplash, Rattlor, Fisto, King Hiss and Mer-Man.
    Bottom row: Tri-Klops, He-Man & Battle Cat, Tung Lashor and someone who appears to be a left-handed Jitsu.

    It'd be fun to see your art from the same era.

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    Very happy finding...
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    The first real fanart I drew was Turtles - I was 8 and the best in my class to draw them
    (now they are somewhere in a box on the loft...)

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    I have some of my old drawings at home too. I'll need to post one tomorrow.
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    i love that picture. you have totally inspired me to post this one.

    back in 1982 when i was 7 years old, everyone in my class was handed a special sheet of paper. we were told that we could draw anything we liked on the paper & it would then be sent off & printed on a plastic plate.
    i still have my plate.

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    That's great stuff - you know, I don't think I really have any old MotU based pics from when I was a kid - although there was a lot of MotU inspired stuff that I did (including a bunch of super heros who used to all use Filmation style Transformations).

    EDIT: And speaking of TMNT's - I was a big Turtles fan as well back in the day, and had my own rip-off group that were mutant Guinea Pigs.
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    Very nice pics!

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    Cool pictures!

    This one is about 1985 because I had just learned to (sort of) write. Left picture is from comic or so: He-man is fighting with flying weapons cursed by Skeletor. Pictures right are redraws from box art, which made great impact in local toy shop.
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    Great stuff!
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    Good old Trolla...
    Oh, nearly 25 years old!
    Interesting to see how a painting style is changing
    Thanks for showing!
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