A slight upturn in posts in last week's thread looking at Leech, but I think it's really hurting these threads being tucked away in the sub-forum.
I think I'll keep going with the figure reviews, but maybe not the vehicle reviews, as it seems harder for us to all think of things to say about them.

Anyway, this week it's a rare double figure review, as we look at those Comet Warriors of the cosmos, Stonedar and Rokkon.
(These guys are pretty similar, so I thought I'd cut my losses and stick them in together).

The Comet Warriors were released with the 5th wave of figures in 1985/6. Their 'gimmick' was that they could transform from comet rocks into full-standing warriors.

Stonedar, the more aged, gold-y looking one, was the wise old leader. Rokkon, the more silvery, younger one, was his hot-headed protégé.

I have heard that originally only Stonedar was going to be released, but Mattel changed their minds at the 11th hour to include Rokkon as well. Whether this is true or not I'm not sure.

I got my Rokkon and Stonedar together, on the same day, which was quite a big thing for me. It was the first time I had seen them sitting on the shelves, and I was allowed to buy them with some birthday money.

The figures are fun to play with and look good, even if they do feel a bit like they're from a different toy-line.
I had a lot of play out of them. In my battles, I used to like them having resting in rock form on either side of Grayskull's jaw-bridge, awaiting for Skeletor to try and attack before they launched themselves at him!

The characters are notable for a number of different origins and settings relating to them in various sources - one even has them in the 'Princess of Power' setting instead of Eternia!

The figures are a little less common on the second-hand market in my experience, and I have found a lot of Stonedars to have their gold turned a bit green with age.

There was no Stonedar and Rokkon in the 200x revamp line and accompanying cartoon series, and - as yet - no sign of even a staction. Time will tell.

In rating the actual figures... I like them a lot, even if, as I said, they don't completely feel like they're from the same toy-line... I'll give them a decent 8 out of 10.

Now I'd like to hear your own comments, thoughts, memories... anything to do with the comet duo. And whether you post or not, don't forget to rate the figures in the poll!