This week's vintage figure review thread is on a Horde character, that smokin' wheeled menace, DRAGSTOR.

Dragstor was released with the fifth wave of figures. His feature was that he had a wheel on his chest; When you laid him on the floor, you could pull his rip-cord and send him racing off.

The figure came with a standard Horde crossbow, in exactly the same grey colour as Mantennas.

The character was said to have been one of a series of terrible cybernetic experiments that Hordak had conducted on helpless victims. Snout Spout and Extendar emerged as Heroic character, but Dragstor turned out Evil.

I didn't have a Dragstor as a kid. I think he was too far away from the Swords & Sworcery roots for him to really appeal to me.

But when I started re-collecting the line seriously, he was one of the very first characters that I got, in with a small lot I'd won on e-bay (although I didn't get his elusive rip-cord until later on).

Since getting him in my collection, I've come to re-evaluate him. Although still a long way from the line's roots, he is a good figure on face value.

We never got a glimpse of an animated Dragstor, as both Filmation series were out of production by the time the figure was released.

...Nor did we get a 200x version, either in figure or cartoon form. It would be great to see what kind of make-over a staction would give him, but given the current uncertain future of the stactions, maybe we shouldn't hold our breathes (well, other than to not breath in Dragstor's evil fumes!)

All-in-all, although as I say he's too far away from the line's roots to be a particular favourite, as a stand-alone toy I like Dragstor enough to give him a reasonable 8 out of 10.

Now I'd really like to hear your own thoughts and comments on the figure.
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