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Thread: SnakeMen that serve King RandOR

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    SnakeMen that serve King RandOR

    Since this topic is gaining a little momentum, I figured it's time to address it as the .Org's resident SnakeMen.

    A few .Orgers, myself included, have wondered: Since Skeletor and Hordak had "traitors", why not King Hiss? Obviously, while those that serve Skeletor or Hordak face death for disobedience, RandOR would be more lenient; however, RandOR still considers the SnakeMen his enemies, so he wouldn't be trusting of any SnakeMen. They would need to prove their loyalty to him, And would be under constant surveillance due to spy suspicions. Just one spy would shatter the trust of all the SnakeMen that serve him, so this group would really have nothing to hide from him.

    That won't stop some SnakeMen from joining RandOR's side, and so Man-At-Arms would keep a file on every SnakeMan that joins RandOR's side. The files would contain the following information:

    Type: Vipers, Constrictors, Gorgons, or Tham.
    Skills/Abilities/Powers: This tells what the SnakeMen is capable of, should s/he ever turn against RandOR
    Proof of Loyalty: What did the SnakeMan do to prove her/himself to RandOR? Remember, they are considered "enemies".

    For example:
    Name: Detoxusss
    Gender: Male
    Type: Tham
    Skills/Abilities/Powers: Expert on Venoms/Toxins and their antidotes.
    Proof of Loyalty: Ripped off his own fangs and tail in front of RandOR.

    Now, let's see how many additional files will be made.

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    Name: Yellowback
    Gender: Male
    Type: Viper
    Skills/Abilities/Powers: Thanks in part to his sea-snake heritage, he is able to breathe and move around underwater as easily as on land.
    Proof of Loyalty: Since he didn't know about his snake-man heritage, having been raised in Tundaria, he naturally felt repulsed by King Hiss' agenda of wiping out all non-snake-man life on Eternia.
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