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Thread: Force Captain Adora in MOTUC

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    Force Captain Adora in MOTUC

    I got some rare time off and, while watching some Bravestarr, I doodled this. Although my skills are limited, I had been wanting to draw this for quite some time. I LOVED the MOTUC Adora, but after a while I thought she was kinda plain next to Teela, and getting inspired by the Four Horsemen's rendition of Bow, I designed what I think would be a sweet A-list variant.

    - The hair is a compromise between the style guide and Filmation cartoon, little longer and more billowy but not quite She-Ra length.

    - I changed her left hand to a classic "relaxed/fingers outstretched" hand which would be awesome for spell casting or other action poses for future female releases.

    - her right wrist would be ball jointed to hold her sword aloft the correct way.

    - The removable Horde armor completely covers a detailed rebellion outfit underneath. I also abandoned the skirt and would love to see tights on her like her classic Filmation look. The Horde armor can be the skirt-piece.

    - She has Mattel's original She-Ra gauntlets. I prefer them to be more ornate that the plainer Filmation ones.

    I can totally picture Hordak, in all his ego, showing off Adora as only he can... by having his logo covering her entire outfit. And THAT, my friends, is how you flaunt a baby you kidnapped! Evil.

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    Cool picture. She looks evil and pretty simultaneously.
    He-Man and She-Ra, the ultimate power duo!

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    I want to see this as an actual figure.

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