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Thread: Solus- a Princess of Power/Danny Phantom crossover

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    Solus- a Princess of Power/Danny Phantom crossover

    Hey there orgers been ages huh I have a new tale for you and I hope you enjoy it.

    Danny Phantom: Solus

    By General Stingrad

    Chapter I: Omens


    "Finally," I said plopping down on my bed exhausted. Hordak has been attacking village after village. I haven't had a moment's peace this week. I could feel my eyes closing as I curled up with my pillow. I was about to drift off when I heard a knock at the door. "Coming," I got up and opened the door. Standing on the other side was of Queen Angella's guards.

    "I am sorry to bother you Adora but there are reports that Hordak is attacking the village of Arzachel." I asked him if anyone else has been alerted. "I am going to call them when I leave here." The guard handed me a piece of paper- it said the Horde seen near museum. Why would they go there? I had no time for such questions.

    I opened a nearby window and crawled out. There was a nearby glen cut off from the rest of Whispering Woods. It's the perfect place to transform. Once I was sure I wasn't being followed I went to my spot and drew my sword. "For the Honor of Grayskull!" the power of my ancestors filled my frame rejuvenating me. "I am She-Ra!" I called out as the transformation completed.

    I gave out a whistle and my horse Spirit came galloping out from his hiding place. The energy from sword bathed him light. A pair of wings grew from his back and a majestic horn appeared on his back. He was Swift Wind, last of the flying unicorns. I went up to him and told that we were needed again. He nodded as I mounted him and told to make for Arzachel!


    "In the romantic period peoples conceptions about Satan changed...," Lancer droned on and on as I looked up at the clock. All i wanted to do is go home so I could sleep or at least try to. I have had these vivid nightmares lately making sleep an impossibility. Add to that Plasmius has been stealing various items from labs all over town and you got a recipe for no sleep. "Am I boring you Mr. Fenton?"

    I hear him yell as he slams his fist on my desk." sir," I managed to say as I jolted up. He looked at me noticing the bags under my eyes. "I...just...haven't slept in awhile," I explained. The only reason I was awake now was due to a mixture of coffee, caffeine pills, and Red Bull. He told me to go the nurse's office as I need to be home now. "Yes sir," I said placing my things in my pack and left for the nurses office.

    I walked down the hallway trying to stay awake and forget the horrors I've seen in the dark. I keep seeing my body strapped to some operating table. I thought it was Vlad at first but the technology was too advanced even for the fruit loop. A pair of yellow eyes shined in the blackness and told me everything was going to be fine. He takes a some device, like a drill and moves it towards me.

    I snapped back as a chill went up my spine, "just what I need," I phased into a nearby closet and transformed. "No rest for the ghost kid," I lamented taking off in search of the ghost that was causing all this trouble.


    "It is not here sir," one of the troopers said as I tossed to the floor. These damn robots are utterly useless I would even be happy if the master sent that annoying imp he keeps as a pet. He asked me what my orders were. I told him to keep searching and not stop until the map is ours. "Yes sir."

    "You better hope they find it old man," I told the curator holding him by the neck. He told that all the artifacts were on display. Really perhaps I could jog your memory. I take a small device from my pouch and aimed it at him. "This is a neuroblaster, it will fry every brain cell in your puny...," suddenly there was an explosion outside.

    "You really should take better care of your toys Grizzlor," a female voice taunted as She-Ra walked in the room. I shouted at the troops to attack her. She made quick work of them leaving in pieces. "You afraid to face me yourself hairball!" you will regret those words woman.

    I take out my blade and charge at her but she turns her weapon into a shield and pushed me away. "You'll pay for that woman!" I charge up my crossbow and aim at her heart. "Prepare to taste...," she snatches the weapon from my hand and tells me I shouldn't play with such things. She takes an steel bar from a display rack and binds me with it.

    I easily break free of the metal and open an escape portal, "leaving so soon?" we'll meet another time and then I will destroy you!


    "Who said schools lack funding?" the voice of Technus asked as I peered into the window . The ghost of technology was in the school server room stealing routers and other networking devices. If I was going to stop him I need a distraction. I took out an old PDA that tucker gave me and tried to hack into the network.

    "Now what was the code," before I could enter it an electric shock went up my arm forcing to me let go. The screen turned green as the ghost's face appeared on the screen.

    "Did you really think you could stop me child?" it asked as I phased through the door to face him. "I see you got my invite." I told him to cut the crap so we can get this over with.

    "What's the rush," he possessed a router and threw it at me. I tried to dodge but my reflexes weren't up to snuff and was hit in the chest. I fired an ectoblast but the ghost phased through this. "You're going down," I told him as I went kick him only to have my foot ensnared by an Ethernet cable. The ghost laughed as he swung me around and threw me into a wall. "is that," I tried to get my feet but was dizzy and fell down again.

    "You seem tired," Technus said peering out from behind his mirrored sunglasses. I felt the cord wrap around my ankles and move up my legs. I tried to phase out but something was blocking my powers. Technus smirked saying this is special ghost proof cables. he forms some ectoplasm in his hands and places it around my nose and mouth." Just hang in there," the last thing I remember was seeing ectoplasm crawl up me.


    "Thank you so much I thought I was a goner," the curator said as I helped him clean up. He told me that Grizzlor and his crew were searching for some kind of scroll. "It's thought to be a myth," I asked him what this scroll was. "Eons ago, when the dark god Prime ravaged the planet, he acquired an object of incredible power."

    "What type of object?" he said no one knew but whatever it is it would make the owner incredibly powerful. I can just imagine what Hordak would do with that. Before Prime could use it Light Hope had banished him to what is now Horde World and took the object along with the scroll that contained the clues and hid them. "Now he is searching for it again," the curator nods.

    "At least without the scroll he has no clue where Light Hope hid it." I asked him if he had anything that could help us find it. He walks over to a case and shows me an old piece of parchment. It was written in ancient Etherian and said something about an old temple. "This was written 2000 years after the event."

    "Is there a copy that I can have? I know a friend who specializes in ancient texts." He revealed a silver key hanging from his neck. He removed and opened the case. "I don't want to take, what will your study?" he assures that they have got all they could from it and would appreciate my friend's help. "I will treat it carefully," I placed in my pouch and went back to my horse.

    The sky seems oddly quiet, "what is that?" a strange ship hovered in the sky. I used my power to transform my sword into a spy glass. The good thing was that it wasn't a Horde ship but it wasn't Etherian either. The crest on it was strange but seemed familiar to me.


    "Why have you summoned us here?" The Head Observant asked as he and a few of his brothers phased into the chamber. I gazed into the screen showing events from space. "What in the name of our mother is that?" It was in deep space still but I had detected it monitoring the solar system.

    "Is your equipment safe?" I asked them turning from the sight. They asked me what I meant by that. I explained that whatever that ship was it was sending signals to the solar system. He assured me that it was but asked if they could hack into our systems. "I'm not sure, but I want all communications done through the secure line. No outside transmissions."

    "Where did that thing come from?" I sighed and admitted I didn't know. There were using some powerful technology to block even my vision. "I think we should...," I stopped them in their tracks. They wanted to summon the boy here to check it out but something is calling out to me that would be a bad idea.

    The child hasn't slept in days thanks to those nightmares. I have even summoned Nocturne and his fellow Dream Gods in search of the answer. The master of sleep told me that something was hovering around Danny and concealing his thoughts in darkness. The others said the same with Phantasos suggesting that I seek an audience with Panithea so she can concoct some brew to ease him into sleep.
    I snapped back to present and told them to go back to their temple and report if anything seem unusual.

    "Please great one it's not my fault. She-Ra came before I could search for the scroll," the hairball pleaded as kissed my feet. He said that he will go back with more troops and will obtain if only I let him live. I kicked the sniveling coward to the floor and told him for now he would live as I need him still. "Oh thank you my lord! I promise I will not fail you again oh wise Hordak!"

    "For your sake I hope you're right," I walked down the steps and fed my beloved imp some meat. He asked me if he should go back and take the scroll. "No, our presence in that town was risky enough. Going back there will make the rebels weary..., before I could finish the doors swung open and a beautiful woman with flowing red hair and blue eyes walked in and knelt before me.

    "I apologize for intruding my lord but Modulok thinks he found something," the beauty known as Entrapta said holding a piece of paper. She said that a strange craft as been spotted in the skies and fears it might be a new weapon the rebellion conceived. "We know that She-Ra has connections to Eternia, it is possible she convinced Randor to..." I could sense it and it wasn't Eternian but something else. "Shall I have some batmechs destroy it?"

    "No," she looked at me strangely, "it is not Eternian but any unwanted attention could attract attention." I told her to go back and monitor it if it does anything let me know. I walked past her and that hairball Grizzlor and left to seek counsel as to what is going on
    Etheria will be mine!

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    What an interesting story you have there, General Stingrad.
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    Thank you my friend I hope you enjoy it
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