Well, the regular figure reviews have had a little break over Christmas while we looked at Snake Mountain.
But now it's New Year, and so back to the figure reviews, starting with the notably only black character from the line, CLAMP CHAMP.

Released with the final wave of figures, Clamp Champ was the "Heroic Master of Capture". Although it was a standard twist-waist figure, the feature of the toy was its grabbing accessory, which claws could clamp open and shut with a press of the button on top.

The figure was typical of the final wave in that it went back to the feel of the first couple of waves in that it was more humanoid-based instead of a creature. The figure itself also was just a basic-spring waist, again another note of the last wave going back to the earlier feel.
Clamp Champ's armor was a recycling of Fisto's.

CC featured a bit in late annuals and UK Marvel comics. Although I generally wasn't as interested in the late figures, I kind of liked how he was more of a regular character, not a gimmicky creature.

Clamp Champ was released too late for me to have one originally (although, bizarrely, I did purchase a Gwildor from the wave!).
Although I had a nude on early on in my 'serious' collection, a complete, mint Clamp Champ was one of the last figures I got for my collection.

There was no 200x Clamp Champ figure or appearance in the MYP cartoon, but we did get a staction. As with many 200x revamps, it gently updates the vintage figure, but not too radically, keeping the feel of the vintage version.

All-in-all, I give Clamp Champ an average 7 out of 10.

So there are my own thoughts, now I'd like to hear your own comments, thoughts, memories etc. And don't forget to rate the vintage figure in the poll!