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Thread: Anti-he-man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deimos View Post
    may be some of you know him as a custom-figure from "cotu"

    actually he is a character in episode 11 from the german audio-plays.

    thatīs what he looks like in my fantasy since i was a kid.
    Super!! Is there any chance that I can get your art as an internet wallpapers ?? Let me know. Thanks.

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    Love to see your version of anti-skeletor!
    Question- I wonder what or who an anti-Hordak would ally himself with. Would he be good or evil, would he be friends with skeletor perhaps. And what about an anti-Zodak?

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    I hope I have nightmares of this guy tonight...
    The art is wonderful!

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    Love it! Very evocative of some of the MOTU Magazine art

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    Interpart also depicted him and an Ice Castle Grayskull. He is a giant on that appearance.

    Issue #3
    Plot: Die Rache des Bösen: Adam changes into He-Man all by itself all of sudden. Confused, he wants to investigate and leaves the palace together with Teela. They meet Zoar and the Sorceress tells them of a distortion of the dimensions which make Castle Grayskull's energies uncontrollable. This will continue to wreak havoc if the process isn't stopped. Stratos joins the group and they all meet Skeletor who is accompanied by Beast Man and Trap-Jaw. A fight ensues, and He-Man only survives with luck and the help of his friends - especially Man-at-Arms who arrived in the very last moment. Something seems to drain He-Man's power. Zoar leads the heroes to the Walking Mountain. This creature reveals the cause of He-Man's leaking power: An Anti-He-Man has been born within the dimensional chaos and he feeds off the power of the real He-Man. Soon, he'll possess the complete power of Grayskull. The group moves on, only to meet bizarre illusions slowing them down again and again. At last, they're arriving at the source of all the problems. Here, a icy Castle Grayskull stands, inhabited by the new He-Man. The original He-Man has become so weak in the meantime that he can hardly stand upright. This, however, leads his enemy to underestimating him and not taking him seriously, giving He-Man the opportunity to ram his sword into the evil one's leg. The magical energies flow back and the world has been saved.
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    wow, how do you do it. I love your artwork

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    Y'know, if Matty did an Anti-He-Man "secret" sale like they did with Spirit of Hordak, having that awesome "anti-Power Sword" would be a real selling point, especially if it had some clear red plastic effects like SOH did.
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