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Thread: Gwildor vintga figure review

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    Gwildor vintage figure review


    For this week's vintage figure review, let’s look at one of the late-released figures that tied in with the 1987 movie. The creator of the Cosmic Key, GWILDOR.

    Gwildor was introduced in the 1987 movie, and was a pretty obvious big-screen replacement for Orko, at a time when computer effects were fairly basic and very expensive, making it impossible to bring everyone's favourite court jester to the big screen within the budget.

    As seen in some of the early concept drawings that have turned up in various threads, Gwildor was originally much more alien-looking, with He-Man carrying him around on his back for much of the story. In the end, he turned out much more dwarf-like.

    The figure of Gwildor almost looks like it belongs to a different toy-line. A big, bulky head, a bulbous body, and two little feet stuck underneath.

    Gwildor came about way too late to ever appear in any Filmation version, but if he had, I can really see him fitting in there, especially in 'She-Ra: Princess of Power'.

    Gwildor was one of (if not the) last figure of the original line that I bought. Saurods were pretty uncommon in local toy shops, but I can't believe that I chose him over Blade!
    I think I bought him because he made me laugh in the film (hey, I was a kid at the time!!), so wanted the figure. But he quickly became one of my least favourite figures, often staying at the bottom of the container that I kept my figures in, or at most being first in line for the Evil Warriors to beat up on.

    Then there was the mini-comic that came with Gwildor and the other Movie Figures - the terrible "The Cosmic Key". A story that completely conflicted with the movie, and one of the lamest mini-comic stories even beyond that, "The Cosmic Key" is by far my least favourite of the mini-comics.

    There has been no 200x revamp to date. Although he's not a classic character, I wouldn't mind seeing what a revamp could do to the character.

    All-in-all, not a classic figure. I give Gwildor a lowly 4 out of 10. I liked him in the movie, but the figure isn't that good.


    Now I'd really like to hear your own thoughts and memories on the figure.
    And whether you post or not, don't forget to rate the vintage figure in the poll!
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    I hate Gwildor. I'd give him a negative number if I could. He's a useless hunk of plastic with no action feature. He doesn't fit in with the other figures at all.
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    I realize why they put Gwildor in the movie, but I agree that he was a lame character. I gave him a 6 out of politeness.
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    Chris here...

    I don't hate the Gwildor figure, I actually think he's quite cute - but, the figure serves no real purpose and has never really been out of the cardboard box I keep some of my MOTU figures in since I got him about 4 years ago. I quite liked the character in the movie, as portrayed by the late Billy Barty - I give the figure a 5 out of 10.

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    I gave him an 8. A lot of people here don't like him - I always thought he was OK. Sure he was only a replacement for Orko but a good one, I think. I don't agree that he doesn't fit MOTU. Actually I think he is a nice break from all the muscular guys. It's always nice to have something different.

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    Gwildor in the movie was ok (far better than the Earthlings, Lubic excluded). Gwildor in UK comics was ok. Heck, even Gwildor in Mattel promotional magazines was ok.

    But Gwildor as a figure...I try really hard to come up with something nice to say. If this was a PoP-character, I'd be saying he fits in completely. But as a Master of the Universe...There's a saying about one Finnish city, why does it exist? So that this another city wouldn't be the lamest place on Earth. Why does Gwildor exist? So that the Meteorbs don't look THAT bad. I've read here some people complaining how the latter figures in the line took it away from the original warrior origins and became too gimmicky. Gwildor's a real treat for those people: No gimmick whatsoever.

    The Cosmic key looks great in the movie. The Cosmic Key looks great in the comics. But the toy's weapon...It's a mace. Not a ultra-technical instrument to bend time and place. Nothing but a club, like Clawful, Mekaneck or Moss Man are wielding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gnewton34 View Post
    I hate Gwildor. I'd give him a negative number if I could. He's a useless hunk of plastic with no action feature. He doesn't fit in with the other figures at all.
    Wow, right outta my head... one was as low as I could go...

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    I think figures like Gwildor or Orko are unique when compared to your average muscled hero or villain .

    I give him a 10 because his Cosmic Key allowed Skeletor to capture Castle Greyskull and take over Eternia but also upset poor Skeletor .When he finds out there is a second Cosmic Key , chases him across the universe .
    Gwildor makes a third Cosmic key out of WHATEVER within hours , teleports all the good guys ...... and Lubic with Shotgun back to Greyskull,s throne room and saves the day . For most of the movie Skeletor is ignoring Heman

    That whole MOTU movie revolves around Gwildor and his invention.
    Gwildor makes the jokes and he also gives the sage advice . He can analyze, invent and modify machines that would make MacGyver weep with envy .

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    When I was 13 is when I first watched the movie, I had just moved to washington state becuase parents divorce. So all my friends who collected with me were being left behind, my collection was in storage in california. So I was so looking forward to seeing my world in motion pictures. Boy I was so let down but there were a few things that embedded into my heart. First the new characters, (gwildor, karg, suarod, blade, and the hovor board troopers). As toys all seemed cool except Gwildor he just seemed so ugly and awkward alongside the rest of the line. Yeah they needed another little guy. The movie being a major let down, so I didnt let the figure gwildor be yet another let down I opened my heart and embraced his ugly mug. Im giving him a 6.

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