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Thread: Zodac (Zodak) vintage figure review thread

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    Zodac (Zodak) vintage figure review thread

    One of the better recent responses last week when we looked at Gwildor - maybe the unpopular characters generate as much discussion as the popular ones!

    Anyway, this week, lets head back towards the beginning of the line, and discuss one of the most debated characters - is he good, is he evil, or what? It's ZODAC.

    Zodac (to use his original spelling) was one of the characters released as the second half of the first wave of figures.

    The back of box run-down listed him as an Evil Warrior, but none of the accompanying mini-comics even featured the character, leaving fans curious about him and his strange 'cosmic enforcer' tag.

    When the Filmation cartoon came along, on the very few occasions that he appeared, he was presented as a 'neutral' watcher, neither on the side of good nor evil, but generally on the side of good, warning the Sorceress of some impending danger.

    The figure itself seemed to be Evil orientated - it had the 'clawed' Evil Warriors arms and feet. But as the character appeared in so little material, it was still unclear.

    As I mentioned in another thread recently, I personally made up my own back-story that Zodac was a neutral watcher, but Skeletor had used his black magic on him to turn him evil.

    It was also unusual at that stage for the figure to come with a laser pistol, at the time when most characters had swords and shields and suchlike.

    The figure had a red colour scheme with white accents, and the armor and pistol also come in black versions with the Weapons Pak. (Kobra Khan later had a orange version of the gun).
    Some fans who play along with the 'evil Zodac' concept use this black armor to signify changes in side.

    The figure's card and other early media spelt the name 'Zodac', but on the character's few later appearances, it was 'Zodak'.

    Anyway, other than a couple of sparse Filmation appearances, Zodac was one of the least used characters in the franchise.

    One of his only notable appearances was in one of the UK Ladybird books, 'He-Man and the Astroid of Doom', which, despite being one of the later books, featured Zodac as an Evil Warrior.

    For the 200x revamp, the Four Horsemen originally designed Zodak (note the spelling) to look much more alien and unworldly. However, they eventually reverted to making him more human, as well as black, to give the line some ethnic diversity.
    The final figure kept the original's red armor colour scheme, but replaced the white with silver. The new figure also had a removable helmet (revealing bald head), and white markings over the body.

    The accompanying Mike Young Productions portrayed a noticeably different Zodak from the vintage series, showing him to be a wise old guardian, seemingly not intergalactic, but possessing some supernatural abilities. His brother had been murdered by the Snake Men centuries ago.

    All-in-all, the original Zodac figure was an average one, with mostly standard parts and a standard twist-waist action. So I'll give him an average 7 out of 10.
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    Zodac was one of the last figures I ever got and one of those I never saw as a kid anywhere. It's rather boring actually. Most interesting part is his back: Are those body hair or wrinkles? I still lean toward the latter.
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    Zodac was my 2nd MOTU figure and still one of my favourites.

    I got him at Heathrow Airport before boarding our flight, I was allowed to get something to play with on the flight (I already had Prince Adam in my Mum's handbag)

    I remember seeing seeing Trapjaw, Tri-Klops, Faker, Whiplash and Evil-Lyn, but couldn't make up my mind, as we were rushed, I quickly chose Zodac, I don't know why as the other figures were more eye catching or had more accessories.

    Anyway, I remember getting a lot of play out of Zodac, I still like the fact he is quite simple to look at and he has a ray gun and wolf-feet and claws. I remember my Dad actually broke Zodak whilst trying to fix one of his arms back on - his whole body ended up exploding

    Although I really like the new 4HM Zodak, I still like the vintage design, I think of them as two seperate characters - hopefully one day we get a classic styled Zodac(hint, hint)

    Figure Rating - 9/10

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    Heroic Warrior Captain Atkin's Avatar
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    Classic Zodac looks like he stepped out of a Flash Gordon comic from the 1940s. I love that classic design. Simple and cool.

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    Zodak when compared to the the others back in the day was pretty plain...his feet didn't match his body....He had to be the worst out of the initial wave.
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    Heroic Warrior kylefromdirtnapp's Avatar
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    I gave him a 6. A character that is just kind of "there". I have 2-the original is a good guy, and one with black weapons pack accessories representing evil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Atkin View Post
    Classic Zodac looks like he stepped out of a Flash Gordon comic from the 1940s. I love that classic design. Simple and cool.
    Thats precisely why I got this figure. I gave him a 10

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    A big fan of Slush Head
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    Did you play with Zodac as a kid?

    Just wondering if you played with Zodac.
    Due to his weird role across the classic MOTU verse he wasn't a very playable character.

    He started up as a bad guy then as a good guy and then he turned neutral and mystic.
    Speaking with my friends about this we noticed that nobody actually used him as a warrior. Filmation's influence was very strong. So I wanted to check with the org to see how many played with Zodac.
    As a kid I found it very hard to play with him. I used him like how he was portrayed by Filmation. So I never used him in battles unless I wanted him to be captured.

    He was the guy that nobody knew what to do with him.

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    Shhhh... It's a Secret... Midwinter's Avatar
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    I actually played with a lot of the toys before I saw them on the cartoon so I didn't have the storyline from the show to influence me.

    I always used him as an evil warrior. I kind of based this upon the artwork on the back of his packaging. For some reason I assumed he was fast and a quick draw with his laser gun. He was not one of my main evil warriors that I played with though because he looked too human.
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    I remeber using him as the main prison gaurd in Snake Mountain. Anytime a new slave came in, you went to Zodac..

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    Guardian of Grayskull zodak74's Avatar
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    He was one of my favorite figures as a kid. The Filmation version of things and how he was presented in the DC comic series didn't have any bearing on how I used him... I got on board with MOTU before those two canons came along. I had him switching sides a lot (the human look vs. the fact that he had the evil warrior arms and feet plus he packed a pretty mean-lookin' laser pistol)... more often good than evil. When I got the Point Dread playset I used that as his base of operations with the Talon Fighter being his mode of transportation. With the tagline "cosmic enforcer" from the package, I thought he was a bit of a police or security kind of figure on Eternia. More than a few times if Evil-Lyn or Tri-Klops were plotting something against Skeletor, Zodac was the one who helped them out. And when the Horde came along, Zodac would help Skeletor prevent the Horde from taking over Snake Mountain. So yeah, I had a lot of uses for him!

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    Heroic Warrior Orko's Magic Hat's Avatar
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    I played with him loads and mostly he was on Skeletor's side.

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