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    Dark Legacies - Part I

    It's taken far longer than I expected, but I finally present to you:

    With Artwork by Ofty, Gbagok, and Telkan2


    Works Cited

    The majority of characters and locations incorporated into this story are the sole property of one of the companies listed below:

    Mattel, Inc.
    333 Continental Boulevard
    El Segundo, CA 90245

    Mike Young Productions
    20335 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 225
    Woodland Hills, CA 91364

    Filmation Studios


    For continuity purposes, in my efforts to piece together a coherent history and storyline, certain parts of this story rely on elements taken from the “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” televisions series(es) and comics. Material was borrowed from the following sources:



    Masters of the Universe: Icons of Evil: Beastman

    Krikman, Robert, Ian Richter, Val Staples (w), Tony Moore (p), and Val Staples and Mark Sweeney (i). “Beastman.” Masters of the Universe, Icons of Evil #1 [One-Shot] (June 2003), Image Comics.

    Masters of the Universe: Icons of Evil: Tri-Klops

    Krikman, Robert, Ian Richter, Val Staples (w), Diogenes Neves, Antony Bilal, Renato Arlem, et al. (p), and Bill Crabtree and Ron Riley (i). “Tri-Klops.” Masters of the Universe, Icons of Evil #1 [One-Shot] (October 2003), CrossGen Publishing, LLC.

    Masters of the Universe: Volume 3, Issue 5

    Santalucia, Emiliano, Lori Ann Scott, Val Staples (w), Enza Fontana, Emiliano Santalucia (p), and James Offredi and Deidre Vance (i). Masters of the Universe [Volume 3], #5 (July 2004), MVCreations, LLC


    Television Episodes (2002 – 2003):

    “Beginning, The (Part I)”
    “Ties that Bind, The”
    “Snake Pit”
    “Out of the Past”
    “Rise of the Snake Men (Part I)”
    “Price of Deceit”
    “Power of Grayskull, The”


    This work is solely that of a fan who wishes to honor the characters (and thereby the creators of said characters) that sparked in him a passion for fantasy and creativity that remains with him to this very day. No infringement on the copyrights or the creative talents of others from whom I’ve borrowed is intended. Thank you!
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    Dark Legacies
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