Eldor had never seen such rage on a man’s face! The king’s eyes actually looked red with hatred. The curses that spewed volcanically from the ruler’s mouth were like none spoken since Eternia’s dawn eons ago.

For his part, the wicked Horde Prime laughed at his adversaries. The cold tones echoed all around them. “So much for the meddling pup; now, Your Highness, it is your turn!”

Again, Shokoti’s monster brought his metal hand down. When the dust settled, all could see that it had landed directly on top of the king. Even Horde Prime was surprised that he had managed to squash Eternia’s greatest defender. “I’ve done it!” both heads bellowed.

Suddenly, a large sliver of metal broke through the metal casing on top of the hand. King Grayskull’s sword effortlessly sliced through the rest, revealing that he was still very much alive. Before the stunned Horde leader could pull back, the king was running along the length of his arm, slicing through the red casing.

“No!” Horde Prime cried, as sheets of red metal fell away, revealing the crude inner frame of his body. He reached across with his left hand and brushed the smaller being away like one would brush away a frightful bug.

Landing in a roll, Grayskull was back on his feet in a flash, his teeth gritted. The Eternian ruler launched another attack, this time striking at his enemy’s legs! Just as easily as the broad sword had cut through Horde Prime’s hand, it severed the massive joint securing the left ankle.

Horde Prime collapsed to the ground with a crash that knocked Grayskull’s entire army off its feet.

The jolt was enough to break through Veena’s mournful wails for a moment. She pulled herself to the turret’s ledge, and saw her son’s killer splayed and crippled. Her husband was more than capable of finishing the mechanical leviathan off, but she hungered for her own slice of warm revenge.

The mystical queen held aloft her staff, and turned her tear-filled eyes toward the sky. “I beg of my ancestor, the beautiful Goddess, to replenish me long enough to avenge my son!”

A serpent made of sparkling, crimson light encircled Veena’s staff, and an arc of brilliant green lightening jumped from one cloud to another above.

“Thank you,” she whispered. The woman aimed the enchanted staff at the Horde’s leader, and the crimson serpent struck! It flew down, and coiled around and around the Horde leader, until the translucent beast had completely covered him. “You will never strip another mother of her child!” Veena screamed.

Struggling, Horde Prime vowed, “You have not heard the last of me!” The magical serpent pulled him into the air, and the energy-snake transformed into a cocoon of molten rock, entombing him completely.

The rocky tomb began to glow, before rocketing aimlessly toward the furthest flung reaches of space.

Hordak had seen enough, and he didn’t like what he had seen. From his belt he pulled a tiny communicator, which would instantly allow him to speak through tiny speakers embedded in each Horde trooper’s helmet.

“Retreat!” he snorted into the microphone. “We will regroup at the Well of Darkness, and then make our way to my secret sanctuary!”

As the troopers below began to comply, disappearing back into their subterranean holes before the king’s men could stop them, Hordak took to the airways once more.

The Book of the Ancients was still in his evil grip.