monstarmaster: Your respect is and kind words are greatly appreciated, my friend!

Angel-T: And now any doubt that you may have had about the victor is over, right?

Luminak: Hsss may be powerless for the time-being, and we all know that (at least in the long run), both he and Hordak will be banished from Eternia...but the real question is, who ultimately succeeds in making it back first, and what will they do when they're freed from their exile?

Now, back to the story...


Outside, Zodak and the three Elders had positioned themselves atop a cliff not far from Snake Mountain. An energy blast ricocheted off the rock-face behind them. “We were doing so well until that battalion of Snake Men spotted us,” Duquane commented.

“This is no time for jokes,” Zodak snapped. “I can sense that they have already opened the Void, but what troubles me more is the dark forces that were unleashed shortly afterwards.”

“Do you think something escaped?” Vulcan asked.

“I can’t be sure, but there was a massive surge of evil energy.”

Zilora carefully raised her head over their stone shield. “There’s at least two hundred of them,” she assessed, before before ducking another energy blast.

“Then let’s get moving!” Zodak ordered, leaping up-and-over the protective wall they had been hiding behind.

The Elders looked at each other one more time, and then used their new powers to take to the skies. They followed Zodak toward the ground, firing magical volleys at their attackers.


King Hsss, cloaked once more in the self-healing masque given to him by the sorceress Shokoti, stood atop Snake Mountain, staring at the battle below.

Once, his warriors were the most feared in all of Eternia. Were it not for the bloodline of Grayskull, the Snake Men would have enslaved Eternia ages ago. But now, his hosts had been reduced to a few hundred. They were cold and starving, and their homes and families had been wiped out by Hordak’s holocaust.

There was a much deadlier force on Eternia that had even managed to steal his incredible power, however temporarily. Hsss pondered all of this, and realized sadly that this would be the day that the Snake Men’s reign came to an end.

And then, unable to protect even himself, the snake king saw the beginning of his warriors' final stand...