Over the past few days I've read through parts I and II and I'm quite pleased with what I've read! Most of the characterization seems accurate and "feels right" when compared to the sort of gestalt personalities that have I have in my head. I like how you've managed to pull together elements of the best motu has had to offer. You've made some clever decisions and interesting choices. It all works fairly well together. Your work has managed to galvanize the writing bug that's been persistently biting me lately, so congratulations, it's no small feat to get someone as lazy as me to do anything! :P

I'm not really an "orger." In fact, I found your work rather by accident, but I'm glad I did and look forward to more.

Thank you for the hours of stimulating reading. And I wouldn't worry so much when you don't have pictures, I'm in it for the words.

Take Care!