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Thread: Dallas canned

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    Dallas canned

    I guess most fans did not care about season 3's scripts and thus they fled........
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    I tried to like it but i missed the glamour, the funny insults or the entertaining drama.

    Where were the pretty women with funny names and amazing figures?

    Where were the charismatic men with more power arrogance and charm than humanly possible?

    Yes, they tried to make it more real and bring in the latino underdogs but i can say i didnīt need them. Never cared for Elena and her revenge. John Roos and Christopher where written boring and Pamela… who needed her?

    And than there was entertaining but really weird written Judith Light playing and old drug dealer slash escort service lady with health and control issues while her son(he at least had some charisma) was a CIA spy?

    I gave up on the show but tuned in for the finale and boy that was boring again the end was a surprise but since i didnīt care for the character i wasnīt shocked or emotional attached.

    I am sad when i think what could have been but iīm glad we donīt have to watch this version of Dallas anymore.
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    ^^^^ exactly. I'm am not surprised about this news.

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    I enjoyed it. It was a good hit overseas. The ratings weren't the best after jr's death, although it did ok with dvr and other things considered. I didn't think Monday was the best spot for it and didn't like how they split up the season.

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    Three seasons too late for me. I loved the original to pieces although the last few seasons at the end were a mess. I appreciated how this sequel used Linda gray, Duffy and hagman more than most similar sequels like melrose place 90210 etc did with the original cast members but the writing just wasn't very good and they still played up the younger generation waaaaaaay too much. Frankly hear me Hollywood no more reboots. Come up with your own fresh creations the way your predecessors did in the 70s 80s and 90s. Don't steal someone else's superior creations that can't be recaptured with these modern abominations. That is all
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