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Thread: DCU/SUPERMAN vs. HE-MAN/2-Pack??

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    Shhhh... It's a Secret... Midwinter's Avatar
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    I know that MOTU and the DC Universe met up in the comics. I also love MOTU and I love the DC Universe. For some reason I just don't think this would be a good idea though. Sorry.
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    Don't just throw in the comic, Supes, and He-Man; There was also a sequal pack in comic in some issues of DC after this and even added some characters from MOTU Waves 1, 1.5, and 2, as well as some of the vehicles.

    Throw this and the original DC 3 part mini-series into the 2-pack Graphic Novel Style.(plus get some commentary from both the DC writers and Mattel Toy staff at the time, as well as Toyguru Matty.)

    Here are some issues I know of that had it: (There may have been more)
    DC Comics Presents Superman and The Atom No.51
    Superman No.377
    The Saga of Swamp Thing No.7
    Jonah Hex No.66
    The New Teen Titans No.25
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    Quote Originally Posted by Torvik View Post

    That particular Superman was the closest I've found yet to "our" scale and style .. and even still ...
    Seems pretty widely accepted that Eternia in MOTU is at the center of the universe right? The planet where life was originally created? I think Eternia just grow's 'em bigger. Makes since if they are more of less gods (Masters) of the universe...maybe He-man and crew should be a bit bigger than Supes.

    Just a thought.
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    I voted Yes...I would buy it.
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    I voted Yes. I got to see a pic and I'm sold.
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    The Cerebral Assassin hhhelmsley's Avatar
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    I will buy it.

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    Clown Prince of Darkness Benedict Judas Hel's Avatar
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    No thanks. I'm not really a Superman fan and I already have the definitive version of He-Man so this is a very easy pass for me.
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    Heroic Daddy to Hermione! Uki's Avatar
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    If this does come to pass, I hope that Supes outfit is the lighter blue as seen in the comic. I've always preferred that look to the darker blue on Superman toys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uki View Post
    If this does come to pass, I hope that Supes outfit is the lighter blue as seen in the comic.
    I agree! I mean if they're making He-Man and Skeletor comic accurate, then it would only make sense to do the same for Superman.
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    Master of Good Hair Eamon's Avatar
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    So does this mean that the new MOTU canon will have Earth and therefore Marlena being Marlena Glenn?!
    I hope so!
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    Hero of Eternia zodak74's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eamon View Post
    So does this mean that the new MOTU canon will have Earth and therefore Marlena being Marlena Glenn?!
    I hope so!

    Good call! I hope so... the front of the package looks AMAZING and I'm hoping there's a nice bio on the back that will not only connect the two universes but also confirm that yes- Earth exists in MOTUC and that is indeed where Queen Marlena will hail from!

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    Heroic Warrior kelddorr's Avatar
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    definetly, i wouldnt miss it

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    Johan Eggink Eterniandreams's Avatar
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    Yes, I would.

    But I would love a MOTUC Superman down the line.

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    Heroic Warrior Kinghsss456's Avatar
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    voted no. i am not interested in any DCUC figures

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    Heroic Warrior Reaping's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uki View Post
    Unless it came with HM poised over an unconcious Supes...

    I am stoked about this new information, and casually enjoy collecting Classics! I was always partial to Superman, and highly doubt that this scenario would EVER happen friend!

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    Heroic Master of Tugging CarKrash's Avatar
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    I will buy it. Maybe 2.!

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    Heroic Warrior RocketPunch's Avatar
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    For me, what makes these two packs great is it's the perfect way to get my nephew into MOTU. He loves superheroes but has never heard of He-Man. I'm buying two of each and giving one to him for Christmas.

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    Mix 'n' Match Monger wallbie's Avatar
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    Sure if I can afford them.

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