After a break for a week, the vintage figure review threads are back.
Let's this week turn our sights (pun?) to that evil spy with the pop-out eyes, MANTENNA.

Mantenna was introduced with the first wave of Horde figures as part of the fourth series of figures. I've never been quite sure what he's been based on (someone will no doubt enlighten me), but the feature of this large eared, four legged creature is the lever on his back which pushes his eyes out on stalks.

As I say, Mantenna has four legs, but they are molded together in two pairs of two. Apparently, some young collectors did not realise this, and wondered why the cartoon version (see below) had four legs and their figure only had two.

There are a couple of variants to be found. The Horde bats on the figure's boots can be found unpainted on some examples; and whilst the common version has a red lever on it's back, one with a black switch can also be found.

I had a Mantenna as a kid (making Grizzlor the only of the original five Horde that I did not have). I seem to remember having him pretty much as soon as he was released, before others had even seen him, making me the envy of my MOTU-playing circle for a very brief time!

Mantennas are averagely common on the second-hand market. I've found that many of them that haven't been stored that well have considerable paint wear on their eyes, where soft paint was used and has rubbed off over the years.

As with the other members of the Horde, Mantenna appeared in the 'She-Ra: Princess of Power' cartoon. There, he made regular appearances, spoke in a weird voice, and his eyes were also capable of emitting stun beams.

Mantenna appeared briefly in the Mike Young Productions 2002 cartoon series, where he was pretty faithful to the original version. As with the rest of the Horde, there was no figure, but a staction was later released. Like the 2002 cartoon version, this figure was pretty faithful to the original version. The notable difference was that this version actually had four legs.

All-in-all, Mantenna is a good figure, but I wouldn't say one of the absolute classics. I'll give him an average 7 out of 10.

Now I'd like to hear your own thoughts, comments and memories on the figure.
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