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Thread: Top 5 MOTU Characters

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    Top 5 MOTU Characters

    It's late. I'm bored. So don't mind me. And I'm sorry if this has been posted a thousand times before. I'm still new here. If you can provide a link for a past thread like this I'd love to see it.

    My top 5 and why (in reverse order):

    6) Roboto - mainly because of the figure itself. Those gears inside his chest mesmerized me. That and I just recall him being a well made figure. I seem to remember that I never had any trouble standing him up.

    5) Two Bad - Also made the list largely due to the figure itself. Not so much for his portrayal on tv. And he was just so damn colorful. And who didn't make him (them) punch himself (each other) in the face and think it was funny as hell?

    4) Stratos - Always thought Stratos was cool. Believe I had the figure before I saw him on tv and when I finally saw him on tv it only confirmed that he was indeed cool.

    3) Mer-Man - Not really sure what it was about Mer-Man that captivated me. Maybe because I love the water so much?

    2) Faker - where do I start? All I know is I saw this figure at a store many, many miles away from my house when I was a kid (we use to have to travel 40-some miles to somewhere just outside of Washington, D.C. to do any decent Christmas shopping. I still live in the same county however everything we need is now within a 10 mile radius). Anyhow, I saw Faker and I was like, oh my God, its Faker. I recall thinking that I should inform my mom that this MOTU figure that we never see down our way is here and we need to get him but I thought, Santa already knows this. Well, believe it or not, to this day, that is the LAST time I have ever seen Faker in the flesh. I kid you not. Anyway, the fact that he was so elusive and that the only time I saw him on tv - he wasn't blue - he looked just like He-Man (with the exception of his eyes) puts him right up there near the top of my list.

    1) Zodac (Zodak) - Number one just because of the mystery that seemed to surround him when I was younger and the contradictory portrayals of him in regards to the back of the packages and his role on tv. Had me scratching my head but that was what made him special and why he's my #1. That and he looks pretty darn cool too.

    I know that's six but I just couldn't narrow it down to five.

    This list is subject to change without notice!

    So what's your top 5? Or 6? Or whatever?
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