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Thread: Top 5 MOTU Characters

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    5. Stinkor

    4. Tung Lasher

    3. Teela/Evil Lyn

    2. Mer Man

    1. Hordak
    ( and not the watered down Princess of Power snorting Hordak...I love the dark, truelly evil, Leader of the Evil Horde from where he ORIGINALLY came from... Masters of the Universe!!! Hordak's mini comic was always my favorite. And I truelly don't like any of the comics after the 2nd series, but Hordak's kept me hooked. It was and still is my favorite MOTU mini comic, and the reason Hordak is my favorite MOTU figure/charactor!!! Princess of Power, YOU turned OUR Hordak into a joke.... How Dare You!!!! )

    Has anybody else noticed, but it seems almost everybody has more bad guys than good guys on thier lists... what does that tell you?

    Either that we've all got some serious problems, or the bad guys are just way cooler!
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    1. Man-E-Faces
    2. Skeletor
    3. Moss Man
    4. Stinkor
    5. Stratos
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    In no order

    Saurod - he's a lizard that spits freakin' lightning bolts. Possibly the coolest concept to come out of MotU

    Tunglashor - this guy was the only one that I kept after giving away my classic collection at age 12.

    Snout Spout - I have a soft spot for campy and tacky character types, lol

    Dylamug - the only one of those old Tomart proto-skethces that I desire a toy of.

    Adora - she's in because she was the sexiest character in the franchise, even if she was technically PoP
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Bock View Post
    I am not gonna count He-Man and Skeletor cause it's obvious they are the best ones specially the BA versions.
    So here is my list:

    4-Tung Lashor
    5- Tri-klops
    I looked forward to the day i saw 2 things:

    1. A Negative feedback left for someone saying positive things SEEN IT

    2. Someone having a whiplash as top favourite figure

    no harm meant

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    5) Original He-man. Great simple design that everyone loved!

    4) Clawful - giant claw!

    3) Fisto - Always looked really cool

    2) Trap Jaw - tons of action features!

    1) Hordak - I just loved this guy a ton. Looked so evil and menacing!
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    In no particular order:

    Prince Adam, 2002 version. I could sympathize with the guy because he feels real to me. He's a 16-year-old slacker who's suddenly had this big role dropped onto him, and he does well, but he also questions himself occasionally. He's not insta-perfect like He-Man is.

    Evil-Lyn. Intelligent, nasty, powerful. If it's not to her advantage to stay on your good side, don't turn your back on her. She has her own agenda as opposed to being yet another lackey.

    Orko, Filmation version. Well, duh. I root for the underdog, and someone who's been chucked to another world and his power all but taken away is pretty underdoggy. As a character he has a lot of potential. A pity MYP pigeonholed him as an annoying, childish twerp.

    Dree Elle. Because. Just because, OK?

    Roboto. He's fun to write for. He reminds me of a cross between the Tin Woodsman and HAL.
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    I won't go as in-depth here as I did over at the She-Ra boards...but here ya go. The top five, in order:

    5 - Battle Cat: The idea of a green tiger with yellow stripes sporting red armor and carrying around a Barbarian is a little far fetched, don't you think? Yet, between his Cringer mode and his nifty action figure, I think he pulls it off very well.

    4 - Teela: She'd be higher up on this list if she ever managed to get to find out about her heritage in some interesting way and act on it. Instead, she's stuck forever nagging Adam to be something, and fighting off robots. There can be no denying, however, that her secret destiny makes her more interesting than your average sci-fi female accessory.

    3 - He-Man: Sure, you might think he deserves the number one spot, but he doesn't. He's just not as interesting as the next two. Still, he'll be forever remembered for raising a sword and blasting his clothes to bits.

    2 - The Sorceress: Her foxy curves, her crazy outfit, her history - it's all so cool and eccentric! I don't think you can help but put her in your top 3. I'd like to put her in the number one spot...but there's one other character who is just a little bit cooler.

    1 - Skeletor: He's just an icon now, perhaps even more so than He-Man. Because his personality made him so memorable on the show. Because he was "banned" from appearing in France, lest he scare the kiddies. Because Castle Greyskull looks like his house. All hail Skeletor!

    EDIT: *reads thread* Aww shoot...were we talking about the toyline? Ugh. Okay, whatever, sticking with my list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkangel View Post
    I looked forward to the day i saw 2 things:

    1. A Negative feedback left for someone saying positive things SEEN IT

    2. Someone having a whiplash as top favourite figure

    no harm meant

    Well I really like it! I had fun times playing with him and the Clash of arms mini-comic really sold whiplash to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkangel View Post
    I looked forward to the day i saw 2 things:

    1. A Negative feedback left for someone saying positive things SEEN IT

    2. Someone having a whiplash as top favourite figure

    no harm meant

    Just to let ya know Whiplash was my fav right from the start aswell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Villain View Post
    Just to let ya know Whiplash was my fav right from the start aswell.

    yeah i know, i noticed it later

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    Not in any order:

    2.Scare Glow
    5.Kobra Khan

    I personal have these and liked Stinkor's smell,Scare Glow's glow in the dark,Tytus (Just for) Clawful (I like crabs) Kobra Khan (Portable squirt gun!)

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    I'm taking out the original 8 because they automatically top my lists every time.

    Other than them, I'll say:

    1) Clawful
    2) Buzz-Off
    3) Stinkor
    4) Ram-Man
    5) Mekaneck
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    Ok, Vintage Toy wise I would say:

    1) Stinkor
    2) Snout Spout
    3) Dragon Blaster Skeletor
    4) Thunder punch He-man
    5) Scare Glow

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    1. Beast Man
    2. Blade
    3. Spikor
    4. Mer-Man
    5. Mosquitor

    The bad guys were always cooler.

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    1 He-man
    2 Prince Adam
    3 cringer
    4 Adora
    5 Orko

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    5) Scare Glow
    4) Twistoid
    3) Hordak
    2) Flying Fist He-Man
    1) Mosquitor

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    It doesn't matter how many of these posts there are - they will always be fun and very hard to answer!

    5. Mekaneck - Colorblind scout! (Yes, colorblind! Who wears silver fur boots with blue spandex? Love it!)
    4. Man-at-Arms - Armored guardian!
    3. Beast Man - Orange gorilla!
    2. Trap Jaw - Cyborg pirate!
    1. Rio Blast - Space cowboy!

    As you can see, I'm easy to please and prefer the simpler MOTU. Stinkor was an honorable mention because I love his colors but Beast Man has orange covered. MerMan is cool but I always hated the lack of cardback head. Fisto is awesome, as is Two Bad and Webstor. Later figures I like include Clamp Champ and Scare Glow.

    Really do not care for the 2 spinners, the 3 movie figures (though looking forward to the MOTUC versions) or the Euro 4 (except Megator, who I wish I had).
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    1) Tri-Klops
    2) Ram Man
    3) Trap Jaw
    4) Man-E-Faces
    5) Whiplash

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    1. Tri-Klops
    2. Ram-Man
    3. Mer-Man
    4. Trap-Jaw
    5. Evil-Lyn

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    5 -Whiplash first with the tail that in its self was awesome
    4 -Trapjaw the techno pirate
    3 -Modulok because of the multiple was to create him
    2 -Dragstor a character that was like the road ripper
    1 -Mosquitor loved the vampire like vibe
    I have plenty more that I truly loved and still do, like rotar and squeeze who both were awsome

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    Too difficult for me to put together a top five, but I can definitely say my top two are Two-Bad and Modulok, in whatever order I feel like that day.
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    In no order:

    -- Fisto

    -- Spikor

    -- Sy-Klone

    -- Dragon Blaster Skeletor

    -- Mosquitor

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchybabysc View Post
    1 He-man
    2 Prince Adam
    3 cringer
    4 Adora
    5 Orko
    You just may be the only person here whose top 5 doesn't include a single "bad guy".
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    I pretty much liked them all but certain ones come to mind first. The Horde,Two Badd,Clawful,and any He-man figure..
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    No special order:

    Prince Adam
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    Vintage Collector:
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