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Thread: Top 5 MOTU Characters

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    Stinkor- this guy went with me everywhere...i loved the smell! (and i like skunks!)

    Mer-Man- i fantasized as a kid about living underwater and having gills, so fish men always rule. (the ultimate bath toy!)

    Trap-Jaw- his design is so eye catching! and that jaw is so fun!

    Stratos- another great design, and no weapons to lose made him a sandbox must!

    Buzz-Off- the creepy factor of a bug-eyed bee-man will always appeal to me.
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    5. Scare Glow
    4. Scare Glow
    3. Scare Glow
    2. Scare Glow
    1. Scare Glow

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    In no order:

    Kobra Khan - The venom-spitting was always a hit with me.
    Teela - Probably my all-time favorite.
    Grizzlor - He was sort of terrifying and also kind of like a Tribble.
    Panthor - What can I say? I love the flock.
    Stinkor - Patchouli + Mer-Man's permanently terrified expression.

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