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Thread: "The Rainbow Warrior" vintage episode review

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    Human... Robot... Maniac Spacedust's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    United Kingdom of Eternia

    "The Rainbow Warrior" vintage episode review

    I'm starting this week's vintage episode review a few hours earlier that usaul, as we've had a power cut since early this morning, with no sign of it returning as they try to find the fault, and I'm just able to get on via my laptop before the battery dies. Anyway...

    I hope there will be some good interest in this week's selected episode, a fan favourite, and one of my personal all-time favourites... "THE RAINBOW WARRIOR", notable for being heavily based around Queen Marlena, and the most He-Man-lite episode of the entire series.

    Brief plot overview:
    Skeletor, angered by his many failed plots, plans to take over the Royal Guard. Meanwhile, Teela loses in a Sky Sled joust, and when Queen Marlena tries to offer her some advice, Teela brushes it away, thinking that the Queen can't offer her any words of improvement. Marlena reminisces over her old space craft, the Rainbow Warrior, that crash-landed her on Eternia, and is now houses in the Royal museum. But when the rest of the Royal party head out for a picnic, but Skeletor freezes and captures them. With Skeletor demanding the surrender of the Palace, Queen Marlena decides that it is time to take the controls of the Rainbow Warrior once more...

    I'd like to hear what you have to say on this wonderful episode.
    And whether you post your thoughts or not, don't forget to rate the episode in the poll!
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    80s cartoon guru manny's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    ok where shall i start
    ok well i will start out with the best part of the episode when adam and the others were chained up at snake mtn and then queen marlena came to the rescue at snake mtn. what struck me as weird is that this episode is the only time in the series where skeletor chains his enemies outside snake mtn saying its not for the eyes of the enemy. Anyway when marlena frees adam and turning the tide of the battle is really exciting

    the more emotional scenes is when we see marlena together w randor in the begining and when she talks bout freeing her family and her dearest friends.
    the most surprising scene is when she said a mother knows her own son when adam asked why did u free me instead of one of the others.
    meaning she will know adams secret

    all in all i give this classic and fave of mine a perfecto 10
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    Movie Machine shigsy2003's Avatar
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    Feb 2005

    Got to agree with manny, this ep is suoerb in every way. The animation is brilliant, the set pieces are superb and it fianlly gives Marlena something to do. I cannot find a fault with this ep...the end though is the cream of the crop. Marlena hinting that Adam is He-Man was a fantastic piece of writing.

    Absolutly brilliant..Classic ep and one of the best ever

    Chris M
    I have been honing my movie knowledge while I have been away and watching a lot. Best Picture winners left to watch: NONE. Films left to watch in Empire's 500 greatest films list: ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN

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    Eternian Jedi Knight He-Fan's Avatar
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    Jun 2000
    Chris here...

    I haven't time to write a detailed review just at the moment, but suffice to say I regard this episode as one of the very best of the best - like both "Into the Abyss" and "Prince Adam No More" what makes this episode so brilliant is the way it brings us closer to the main characters of the He-Man series. Where Filmation scored for me over MYP's He-Man series is actually enabling the audience to think of these fictional characters as real people, and thus care about their adventures, and this episode is a major part of how they were able to make that work.

    I love this episode - 10 out of 10!

    Take care...
    Part of the "Kidult" craze long before it was a thing! : )

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    Human... Robot... Maniac Spacedust's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    United Kingdom of Eternia

    "The Rainbow Warrior" review

    I'd hoped that this top-notch episode would have generated more discussion. Oh well, anyway...

    "The Rainbow Warrior" is not only one of the best episodes of the second season, but one of the very best of the entire series IMO.

    The episode is strange in that it opens with a shot of Skeletor, with no establishing shot of Snake Mountain of whatever.
    I love how Beast Man and Trap Jaw get completely the wrong end of the stick about what Skeletor is on about and think he is talking about his weight!

    This is a strong contender for the most insult names that Skeletor uses in a single scene - "You tin tongued dolt" (to Trap Jaw), "You flee bitten fur brain" (to Beast Man), "That muscle-bound moron" (about He-Man), and "You dim witted duo" (to both Trap Jaw and Beast Man).

    Skeletor says that he has attempted to conquer Castle Grayskull six times (the first was just a practice).

    Skeletor's plan takes a rather unexpected path. At first he talks about making the Royal Guard his slaves, to use in conquering Grayskull, and we expect a story built around that. But then he decides that the best way to take control of the Guards would be to capture the Royal family, and the plot heads off in a different direction.

    I really love the Sky Sled joust sequence. What I loved about the initial MOTU concept was that it had a lot of futuristic takes on medieval concepts, such as this, and I would really have loved to see more in the series.

    As Queen Marlena looks over her space craft, the Rainbow Explorer, which has been reconstructed by Man-At-Arms, she remembers how she came to crash land on Eternia. The first part is taken from "Teela's Quest", with additions of a young, beardless King Randor seeing the ship crash. There is a minor continuity conflict, as here we see Randor lift the unconscious Marlena from outside the wrecked craft. On other accounts of the story, she would be conscious. It could be explained that one is her own personal recollection, from being very dazed or unconscious by the crash; other accounts of the tale are from King Randor's point of view.

    King Randor comments that "Skeletor has not been causing so much trouble lately", which is actually reflective of the series, as from late season one and into season two Skeletor was seen on more of a semi-regular basis.

    As the rest of the Royal party head off for a picnic, as Skeletor's collector looms overhead, there is a small mis-colouring on Man-At-Arms' helmet - the ridge down the centre is incorrectly coloured orange, matching the stripes down either side.

    As Trap Jaw uses the Collector to freeze the party, Skeletor says that they will be frozen for an hour, an example of Earth's time system being used; on some other occasions, Eternia would have its own time measuring system.

    Back at the Palace, a black Lieutenant Guard alerts Queen Marlena to the situation. He is notable for being one of the relatively few black characters to appear in the series. I would liked to have seen him more, and it would have been especially good to see an identifiable guard character serving beneath Teela. (He did appear once more, in "Mistaken Identity").

    I absolutely love the sequence as Marlena flies the Rainbow Explorer out of the museum and leads the Royal guard to the rescue; it is probably in my top three favourite moments from the entire series. (One slight musical niggle - I wish the track that is playing had continued under the spinning sword scene break, as it cuts out rather abruptly, but I'm just being nit-picky! )

    We get an unusual 'rear shot' of Snake Mountain, outside which Skeletor has his prisoners chained up. There is no explanation as to why Skeletor has them chained up outside, and not in the dungeons of Snake Mountain. It is obviously to fit in with the story of the air attack led by Queen Marlena, but even so it felt rather awkward.

    There is a noticeable shot of Trap Jaw where he quite visibly has his mechanical arm on the wrong side of his body.

    In one of their few second season appearances, Skeletor's robot knights (as they are called among other things) fly Sky Sleds. At first this might seem a little silly, but it means that they can be blown up and destroyed in the context of the story, because as they are only robots it doesn't matter.

    The Rainbow Explorer fires a shot at Prince Adam's chains, freeing him, and allowing him to run off and transform into He-Man. This is the most He-Man-light episode of the entire series, with him only appearing for the last few minutes. It is also notable that even then, we get an unusually abridged shot of the transformation sequence, with him holding aloft his sword in a non-standard way, calling "By the Power of Grayskull!", and a brief shot of the sword's power. This makes the episode rather unique, in that other than the first season's unusual "Reign of the Monster", where Prince Adam does not appear at all, this is the only time that we do not see the standard transformation sequence (with or without Cringer / Battle Cat) during the course of an episode.

    To grab hold of the Basher, piloted by Trap Jaw, He-Man pulls out a grappling hook from his belt / trunks - ouch, that's got to be uncomfortable!

    The battle scene is excellent, and is one of the longest seen in the entire series (even almost approaching 200x standards).

    With the Heroic party freed, his craft and robots destroyed, Skeletor takes off in a rocket jet pack - the only time well see this device (normally he runs off through a portal).

    I like the moment as the mysterious pilot reveals herself as Queen Marlena - every one gasps "Your Majesty!", and He-Man gasps "Mo- Your Majesty!", almost slipping up.

    And then to round things off, we have the amazing last scene. In the joust, Teela wins this time thanks to the maneuvers taught to her by Queen Marlena. When Adam asks why she freed him from Skeletor's chains first, she replies that she "...had a 'feeling' you'd know what to do", adding "Adam, a mother always knows her own son, and what he is doing. I've always been very proud of you Adam". This was an astounding comment, hinted that 'she knows', and I'm glad that they left it at this possibility rather than over-playing it in later episodes. This breath-taking finale is the cherry on the cake of an absolutely wonderful episode. And the majestical, dreamy music score fits perfectly.

    I can't find the words to sum up this classic episode and how much I have always loved it. I love the medieval jousting aspects, the fact that it focuses on the little-used Queen Marlena, the fact that it doesn't revolve around He-Man... the whole lot.
    I think it's great to show that not all adventures had to centre on He-Man; this episode gives much more of a feeling of life on Eternia, with all of its characters, and I longed to see more of this.
    I also think the music score is used to one of its best extents in this episode, with each track fitting their respective sequences perfectly.
    This is Bob Forward's first full script for the series, writing with Leslie Wilson, and they went on to write another series classic, the fan-favourite "The Problem with Power".
    All-in-all, this episode is an absolute classic. (I think it deserved to make the '10 Best' DVD - I could be controversial and say I would even pick it over the likes of the excellent "Into the Abyss" or "Origin of the Sorceress").
    I give this classic a solid 10+++++ out of 10.
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    prince of asgard thor's Avatar
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    Feb 2000
    Yeah, that scene where Marlena tells Adam why she saved only him because he knew what to do was a classic moment.

    I think it was one of the best moments of the series, the fact she knew he was He-man.

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    Human... Robot... Maniac Spacedust's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    United Kingdom of Eternia
    I forgot to mention, I think the audio commentary on the DVD for this episode is one of the best. Some of the other commentaries, while very welcome, are a bit ‘messy’ and not all that spectacular, in my personal opinion; but the one for "The Rainbow Warrior" is very interesting, and it's nice to hear some of the people who worked on it, who obviously have a fondness for the show they worked on, and has some interesting recollections.

    I liked what they were saying about doing an episode called "The Day that Nothing Happened"; it would have been really funny Especially as they said it would have been mostly made up of stock footage, maybe there's scope for a fan video there?
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    Heroic Warrior
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    Dec 2006

    marlena rocks

    Marlena is one of the most intriguing and underutilized characers of the whole mythos. the idea of this American soldier, astronaut, being stranded on an alien world and becoming the elegant queen and the mother of the planets savior is fantastic. We needed more episodes like this one. This next year, after my coursework for my PhD is done, I plan to resume wirign my fan-fic novel Fathers of Eternos where I give my own slant to Marlena as a tough as nails, hot as a cat on a hot tin roof woman adjusting to her life on Eternia.


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    I need a MOTUC... 2-bad's Avatar
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    Dec 2002
    Dark Hemisphere, India
    This episode had some of the best moments in MOTU history.

    First off, it is the defining episode for Marlena's character...I wish there were more.

    Skeletor actually came up with a great plan, which was foiled by Marlena.

    The music collaborating with the scenes throughout the ep was what I liked the most.

    Pus we get to know that Marlena knows Adam's secret. Now that was a surprise.

    Nothing else to say...except it One of the BEST MOTU eps ever written.

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    Heroic Warrior DestrongerLupus's Avatar
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    May 2004
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    IMO Best. MOTU. Episode. Period.

    I'm not ashamed to say I cry every time I watch this one.

    THIS is why 200X Marlena sucks, even when she dons her spiffy battle-armor, Classic Marlena was an AMAZING character.

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    Not only does it apply nicely to Masters, but is probably a deep truth.

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    Heroic Warrior Bak-or's Avatar
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    Sep 2003
    is this the episode where teela says "she's some pilot!" to which randor replies "i know" - for some reason this line is engrained on my soul!
    Bak-or - Evil Master of Mean-Spiritedness

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    The Chalminator chamita116's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bak-or View Post
    is this the episode where teela says "she's some pilot!" to which randor replies "i know" - for some reason this line is engrained on my soul!
    Yep, this'd be the one.

    I meant to review this episode earlier, but I was super-busy during the week that the thread was first posted, and then I kept forgetting about it.

    Anyway, I've always loved this episode. Everything about it is just wonderful, IMO. There was a lot of action balanced perfectly with some great scenes between the main characters.

    One of the things I love about this episode, and especially about the battle scene, is the amount of pride that Randor shows in his wife. There's the line that Bak-or mentioned, and then there's my favorite line when Teela says, "No one can fly like that!" and Randor responds with "I know someone who can." He's obviously very confident about Marlena's abilities as a pilot; and I think he also understands how much she needs to do this, not just for her family and friends, but also for herself. I also love that he's the one to do the reveal at the end.

    I have to say that the writer for this episode really slammed it out of the park. I mean, the episode could have ended with the scene right after the battle, and most of us would probably still be talking about it. It'd be like, "Hey, remember that episode where Queen Marlena piloted a spaceship and saved everyone?!" But then there's the scene between Adam and Marlena at the very end, which to this day never fails to amaze and touch me. Awesome ending to what was, IMO, already a perfect episode.
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    Eternian Henchman motu77's Avatar
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    I consider this the best episode of MOTU. How it didn't make the best of set is beyond me.
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    Heroic Warrior Flor2099's Avatar
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    Last night I told my girlfriend the name of Marlena's ship and she couldn't stop laughing, asking me if the co-pilots were Ace and Gary.

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    Hang in there, Bow! Mer-Man's Minion's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by motu77 View Post
    I consider this the best episode of MOTU. How it didn't make the best of set is beyond me.
    What?? How the heck did this not make the Top 10??
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    MOTUC fan! Evil_Horde's Avatar
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    Great episode for me! Voted 8!

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    Heroic Italian Warrior PaoloKr's Avatar
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    I always loved Marlena as seen in the Filmation cartoon. Besides Marlena 2x sucks, at least in the beginning.
    So I say 9.
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    Do it right or not at all Reboot's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Rewatching this in light of the MotUC announcement (with Rainbow Explorer mission patch), it's an interesting episode, which probably deserves better than to be generally remembered for THAT scene at the very end. Especially since it gives Marlena leadership skills, combat skills and strength WITHOUT turning her into hand-to-hand combatant LVI.

    [Even if Skeletor chaining them up outside just this once is plothammering of the first order. ]

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    Heroic Warrior King Gilskull's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Anaheim, CA
    Just watched this for the first time on my SDCC season 2 set. Awesome episode. Marlena rocks! I hope they remember this version of her when (if?) they make a new Masters animated universe.

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    Argenternian heavy-eternium's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    ten baby , it's in my top 5 .

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    Heroic Warrior Drakken's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Coral Gables, Florida
    This is definitely one of my favorite episodes. I loved it when He-Man almost slipped..."Mo...You'r Majesty!" And I certainly smiled broadly when Marlena told Adam that a mother always knows what her son can do.

    This was a good episode for Marlena and gave us more insight into her character. That's another reason I like it so much.
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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
    voted "8" because though it is not my favourite episode, it is quite high on my list. If nothing else, you can mention alot of episodes and I'm kinda foggy on them, but this one seems to always spark some memories.

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